WTO wavetable name not remembered after power down

Bug description (state clearly and simply): WTO wavetable name not remembered within WTO processor page in scope after power down.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list): Setup up WTO with a wavetable, name available including after switching to other presets. Power down / Power up same patch works as expected but no name of table within the scope of the WTO processor page

Software version (blank if unknown): latest - [Fix 18102020]

Type (major or minor): minor

yeah, in the waveform display it does show the filename when you load a waveform
( as it does in SAM and GRA)

however, when you load a preset, whilst it loads the correct waveform
BUT if does not update the waveform name - in fact the name it shows is the one last selected in the browser.
(obviously after reboot, you haven’t used the browser so its doesnt display anything)

so fix hopefully is simple, just update this ‘name’ when the preset is loaded.

btw: i do think the text could be a little bit bigger …its pretty small.

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thanks for reporting :slight_smile: