[WTO module] has a bug that cannot save the file name of the waveform

Bug description (state clearly and simply): The file name in the WTO module’s waveform window is missing, so it is not possible to check which file is in which location.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. Load the file into the WTO module.
    Save the preset in the global menu.

  2. Turn off the SSP. (Turn off the modular power)

  3. After turning on the SSP again, loading the saved preset and entering the WTO module, the file name disappears.

Software version (blank if unknown):


Type (major or minor):


When the SSP is turned on again, the file name disappears, so it is impossible to find out which folder this file is in.

The SAM and GRA modules retain the file names even after turning the SSP off and on.

(situation when the power is turned off and then on again)

(SAM module)

Is this happening with every file or a custom user file?

This happens in all files.

SAM and GRA are saved well without losing the file name. The problem with files disappearing only occurs in WTO.

Alright. Let me verify this and then I’ll get back to you.

Thank you very much.

Confirmed here. I’ll bring it up to the Dev Team.

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Thank you. I hope that it will be well fixed.

I add a part that wasn’t in my description last time.

previous description: After turning the SSP off and on, entering the WTO will cause the file name to disappear.

Additional description: When there are multiple WTO modules, if a file is loaded into one WTO and another file is loaded into another WTO module, the file name of the previous WTO disappears and the most recently loaded file name is displayed.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. Load the file into the first WTO module.
  2. Load the file into the second WTO module.
  3. The file name of the first WTO module disappears, and the file name loaded in the second (last) WTO module is displayed in the first WTO module.

WTO is one of the very powerful modules of SSP. In my personal opinion, the frequency of using the WTO module by many users is high, so I hope this problem will be solved.

Thank you.

Hello, I updated to the latest version, but this issue of the WTO has not been resolved yet. Now I’m working on it using WTOs, but I’m having a hard time because the file name is not saved. I would really appreciate it if you could solve this problem as soon as possible. @bert @Kent :pray:t2:

version: 28112020

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If Bert doesn’t reply by Tuesday, I’ll drop him a line.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for reporting this. I need to get the upcoming update done first (see Development update [Sep 2021]), but I will look into fixing this.

That’s good news. I look forward to the next update. Thank you very much.

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