WTO and WaveEdit

Another fun afternoon playing around with WaveEdit and WTO. After looking at many of the interesting wavetables from the WaveEdit online website - I eventually put together a wavetable of just the analog waveforms available from within the WaveEdit software - their terminology:-

  • sine low, - sine high
  • tri low, - tri high
  • saw low, - saw high
  • square low, - square high

What I wanted to set up in my palette of things for the WTO was just the basic forms - to use the WTO as a basic oscillator. As there are 8 shapes in this table - when loaded into WTO it is the X parameter that allows you to quickly move between the classic waveforms - very useful and works a treat.

In the table of 64 long (correct terminology?) I created it with 8 of each of the waveforms above. The Y and Z parameters do nothing.

Then I decided I’d like a table of the digital waveforms offered by WaveEdit. Again another set of basic waveforms for the WTO to use as a basic sounding oscillator. In this case there are 14 waveforms and I’ve laid them out in groups of 4 per waveform - 4 x 14 - 56 and the last 8 are blank. This time both X and Y parameters select the waveforms.

I’ve attached the 2 tables if anyone is interested.

Basic WT.zip (9.3 KB)


great, thanks for sharing these!