WriN writes to Preset Slot #100 if dummy blank presets are present

Bug description (state clearly and simply):
If running the original shipping install setup on the card, there are dummy
presets between 000 and 99. WriN sees these as legit presets (even if, as in my case, you only have a small number of actual presets you’ve saved),
and will write to slot #100 unless you manually remove these dummy .pbp files
from the presets folder on the card, using your computer.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):
Use “WriN” if you have the dummy presets present on your card,
and it will write to slot #100 instead of the next actual unused slot (after your
own presets.)

Software version (blank if unknown):

Type (major or minor):

i don’t think this is a bug but intended behaviour
so the first 100 presets are presets for the manufacturer, next come user presets

It’s a bug. If I’m working in preset number 55 and I’ve made a slight alteration to this program and want to store it in the next slot, I would expect to save it into slot #56 and not slot #142 (or something). Next to me means next in a sequential sequence. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not able to reproduce your problem. I erased all presets from the preset folder and each time I press “WriN” the next preset is automatically stored in the next available slot 002, 003 etc. It doesn’t jump to position 100.

It should jump to #56 provided this slot is available, so file 056.pbp cannot exist in the preset folder yet. Did file 056.pbp already exist in your preset folder?

Each time you press “WriN” there is a function in the code which looks at the files in the preset folder and looks for the next available location for which there is no file yet. You might have a bunch of old files which are there from the very first software version, which you don’t want, and you can delete those if you don’t need them such that the next preset you write will start at the position you want.

Same issue here, I tried pressing WriteNew and it saved it to preset 100 and 101, while i was on preset 5. The reason why this happens is because all those “empty” presets are not actually empty and contain 4 modules inside. This has been like that from the release of percussa and I don’t know why those presets aren’t actually empty.

I totally agree with Brett, since what if you have 300 presets and you are working on preset 43 and want to save a variation fo this? As of now it will save it to preset 301 which makes preset management a totall mess. It would make a lot more sense if a variation or WriteNew would save a current preset to the next location, hence shifting all other presets by 1 slot down. This is still not an ideal way of managing presets, but it is definitely a better one than how it works now.

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those preset files are old files from when the number of presets were fixed to 100… just delete them on your pc/mac

it is not a bug, see my reply above and celine’s explanation. delete the old files and you are all set.

The problem is not the presets, but the way WriteNew works. Even if I delete the presets, make new ones (let’s say 30). Then start working on preset 4 and decide to write new, it would make a lot more sense if it saved it to preset 5 by first shifting other 26 presets down by one and writing to 5, instead of writing to 31.

I don’t see how that would be more logical than saving the next preset at 31. I think this is just personal preference. I also do not know of any synth or software application that has the behaviour you describe here.

It would just make sense because you can keep similar patches next to each other. Other synths that have save preset functionality also have a reload feature where you can go back to a previously saved state. So in this case if the write new feature is used for this kind of functionality, it would be easier for people to navigate presets and finding the right one or the right variation of a preset.

the suggestion to be able to reload a preset after you have modified it, to return to the previous state, is a good one and is already discussed elsewhere in the forum from what I remember. We will implement that one as soon as we can.

However what you are suggesting above to shift presets and renumber them is just complicated and time consuming to do and not something that is worth development time right now. Like I said I know of zero synths that do this. Once a preset has number #123 it stays at that number.

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Ok that makes sense :slight_smile:

@bert I will try this, thanks for the tip. :v: