Working with multitrack recording in SSP | m00

I didn’t use much of SSP in this work, but I share it here to show you the use of SSP’s multitrack recording.

Live performance using Max for Live (w/ TouchOSC & Percussa SSP)

It is the 1st work of my new performance series based on Max for Live.

I made all the Max patches used in the work myself.

All sound sources and structures: Max (for Live)
All Effects: Audio Effects on Live
All controls: TouchOSC

Multitrack recording: Percussa SSP (16 channels)

Thanks for watching.

(:headphones:If you listen to it with earphones or headphones, you can enjoy the stereo imaging.:headphones:)
(:loud_sound:Please turn up the volume.:loud_sound:)


I’m not sure whats going on , but I like it :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much🙂

Wow, this is really amazing…and inspiring! I’ve yet to successfully multitrack SSP audio-over-usb into Bitwig. Been working around just running the 8 physical SSP outs to separate input channels on my audio interface. Which is fine, but I’d prefer to reserve those physical outputs for aux FX sends, external CV distribution, etc with the rest of my rig. Seen some folks finding recent success using ASIO4ALL (w/ the right buffer settings), so hoping to figure that out one of these days soon :slight_smile: Big up on the always inspiring vids…this one being no exception!

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