Working with multitrack recording in SSP | m00

I didn’t use much of SSP in this work, but I share it here to show you the use of SSP’s multitrack recording.

Live performance using Max for Live (w/ TouchOSC & Percussa SSP)

It is the 1st work of my new performance series based on Max for Live.

I made all the Max patches used in the work myself.

All sound sources and structures: Max (for Live)
All Effects: Audio Effects on Live
All controls: TouchOSC

Multitrack recording: Percussa SSP (16 channels)

Thanks for watching.

(:headphones:If you listen to it with earphones or headphones, you can enjoy the stereo imaging.:headphones:)
(:loud_sound:Please turn up the volume.:loud_sound:)


I’m not sure whats going on , but I like it :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much🙂