some things that bother me, maybe someone whish to address

-parameters like offset, scale etc are not catalogued in the display
-preset when you power down should be the one you left off with
-no default preset/template possible
-lots of turning the encoders ; no coarse(per 10/100/1000etc)/fine(0.001 etc) nor min/(0)/max with any knob combo (that last except for the @thetechnobear plugs)
-in a long list like inputs & outputs one should be able to browse per input, eg shift/skip to IN1/2/3 etc
-surely there’s screen estate above those long lists? (network)
-surely the information on the GLOBAL page can be a bit bigger?

feel free to add some


screensaver - bonus points if it outputs 1 modules screen (or selected INs/OUTs)

if no default preset
or a list of templates
start on the global page

save the state of the in/out recorder

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I read you can setup a default preset by

copying and renaming your preset to 000.pbp in the presets folder on the SD card. Right now preset 000.pbp in the presets folder is the first one the SSP loads up when it boots.


thanks for reminding
i think i like preset 000 so much i left it there :wink:

Id like to add to the wishlist! Percussa’s potential is monumental.

-Timestretch on the sampler module… I would totally use the percussa at high resolution as a dedicated sampler/sound design engine…

-a module dedicated to chopping jungle breaks

-an assimil8or style ‚Äúzones‚ÄĚ voltage trigger for each input to greatly increase sample number

-mSSP? : )


(possibility to) erase the preset

-and by extension : preset management

preset folders

(e.g. folders for mixing presets, folders for OSC presets etc)

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