Who’s using the SSP along with a computer and how are you using it?

Thought I’d start a thread about SSP and software, and how people are using it (as I’ve not seen anything here relating to that specifically)
From what I understand the SSP can work as a audio/cv interface. I’ve got it working on a basic level with VCV Rack and Reaktor blocks mostly just testing it out to see how it works, which seemed to work fine.
So I thought it might be good to have a thread about how people are using the SSP within a hybrid setup (maybe I’ll make another thread for iOS too) maybe we can share some presets, ideas, technical stuff and hat not?

@MOTOKO has a great series of videos with the SSP hooked up to Ableton with CV tools. Really amazing results…


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I am using it with touch designer to animate and control visuals effects with cv and audio signals from eurorack modules… for this purpose it is amazing… the 16ins and quick routing and the compact travel friendly format makes it perfect companion with touch designer projects…as I work with quad speaker setup I would like if someday a quadraphonic spatilizer vst or module would see it’s way into the SSP… and the great thing about the ssp is that it’s all possible :slight_smile:


Hey there,

yes I use the SSP mainly with a computer.
I’ve built hundreds of instruments on the SSP with corresponding CV data which is sent from the computer, and I’m happy to share some of my progress in a coming video series.

To send CV and audio information, I use the Poly Grid from Bitwig. It’s extremely flexible.
I’ve planned long ago to make a video series on this workflow, but I’ve been held back because I just couldn’t fix issues with my audio, working on Windows and dealing with Asio4all drivers etc. I tried everything and then had to give up.

But now I found the solution; I bought a Mac Mini, just for this purpose, so I can finally make sound in peace with this machine. And it works flawlessly. With Mac, you can build aggregate devices, which means you can sum any amount of audio devices into one final device. In my case, I sum a RME Fireface UC and the Percussa SSP together. Then you can use the RME interface for your speaker monitoring, and the SSP has 8 outputs just for itself.

In my opinion, Bitwigs Polygrid and the SSP go hand in hand, like they’re made for each other. Its a great fit.

Also very curious about the Touchdesigner aspect. I just downloaded the test version. I think of sending CV data from Poly Grid out to the SSP, and then Touchdesigner can access the CV data from the SSP. It’s exciting…!

Anyway, i’m going to share some presets soon, with corresponding Poly Grids, for anyone who uses Bitwig.

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