Where is the VST module?

Yeah, so it’s me again (an SSP newbie) Sorry, I don’t understand what I need to do to make the VST module available. I did copy Technobear’s VST plug-ins to the plug-ins folder on the SSP’s card, but the VST module still does not appear. What am I missing here? FWIW, I’ve searched for this info, but I’m not seeing anything that answers this question.
Thanks, Marc

If my memory is correct, Just put SO file into plugins folder on SSP’s SD card.
After that, it appears on the module list.

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as above, SSP looks for plugin (.so files) in the plugins folder.
(if you are doing via a network connection, you will need to restart Synthor)

the way I distribute in my ‘zip file’,
you just literally move the plugins folder to the sdcard.

if you do this make sure it ‘overwrites’ the plugins directory … and that you dont end up with the plugins folder inside the plugins folder


we want :white_check_mark:


not :negative_squared_cross_mark:


pretty standard stuff really.

Okay. I’ll double-check this, but I selected all of the contents of the plug-in folder to import, and dragged those plug-ins, etc., into the SSP’s plug-in folder, so there should not be an additional subfolder in the way.
Thanks, Marc

Problem solved. Somehow when I downloaded the tbplugins folder the first time, I downloaded a bunch of files that weren’t the actual plugins. Anyway, I downloaded the plugins folder a 2nd time, unzipped it, and found the plugins (and only the plugins) right away. Of course the rest is simple after that.
I do like how the SSP’s network grid dynamically adjusted to the additional modules (VST Plugins).