Where is everthing

Based on @BrettSaberhagen comments on Sampler, ways ahead, regarding losing threads and knowledge of updates, if something is going to be implemented, or not. B&C I see why you set out to have a well organised forum, I am also having issues keeping track of everything and I am on most days, knowing where to go, where something was mentioned and responded to, or not is a nightmare. If I look at SSP modules for example, I see a few discussions on sampler, and other different topics on the same module. Software updates is the only one I know where the information will be and most likely because we don’t need to set up a new topic.

I don’t know about you B&C and I know you guys are under extreme pressure. Would it not help if we had for example;-

Heading Sampler, and each of your categories in this folder, then updates, ideas, bugs, general discussions etc will be in Sampler. This way may remove the need to set up new topics.

IMO I see this as a move forward for us all here as we will have a turn to section depending on our need. Knowing if this was discussed and not to repeat myself, or mirror any other of my fellow forum conformity also does not help you. Besides this, reading through loads of notes is tedious and so time consuming :dizzy_face::sleepy:. I can’t see how this also helps you with your productive days.

I can understand your frustration. Part of the reason for going with discourse was its ability to organize information and the powerful search functionally it incorporates. The idea being that you wouldn’t need a bunch of category tags, because you could just search for everything.

The true problem with your approach is that for the end user it’s fantastic! However it is a lot of work curating the posts and ensuring everything is properly identified/tagged. I’m not saying I’m opposed to it, just wondering how useful it will be given the amount of time it will take to implement.

Do you have any more thoughts on how specifically the threads could be better organized?

to be honest, i find it difficult to find my way on the forum too
for the time being, i tend to keep up as much as possible but over time, information will slip my mind
the categories is a good start, but maybe sub categories would help
what def. would help is an auto bot who would resume all major topics/requests etc every week

the search function is good (notice the adv. search) but on other forums you can search too

I agree @2disbetter, for the curator it will be, that’s why I always recognise how busy the team are and my suggestion is also with B&C in mind. IMO, the modules discussions only need categories in them. We keep all categories, but in SSP Modules, for example;-
Sampler (or other module name)
Updates: Ones implemented to module. Reading updates for various modules now not a burning issue, but what about in 12 months time and for newcomers.
Agreed/actioned: When B&C accept as possibility in the future and if/when actioned.
General questions/help:
Presets/Samples: Once introduced by B&C specific to show off its function. And user.

The agreed template is then used when another module/vst is introduced.

We kind of surveyed a small group of people on what forum software to use in the beginning and everyone voted on this one so we’re stuck with it. We can’t change it now, and from what I understand we cannot have topics in multiple categories at the same time, and at this point I rather not re-categorize content since we know more or less where everything is.

The search function works pretty well and maybe you can save your favourite topics somehow? I see a bookmarking function under “…”, maybe that works for you. That would let you return to the topics you care most about.

also a way of cleaning up things is closing topics
-that would be the responsibility op the OP?

Closing a thread just prevents additional posts from being created on that thread. It doesn’t archive the post, which I think would be a bad thing.

Just because a thread is answered or the conversation has run its course doesn’t mean the thread doesn’t have useful information.

In general I think using the search functionality works well. The only other thing I think we could do is create a reference thread. It can be pinned, and in topics can be listed and links to those threads that the community deems as being useful for someone. This sort of curated experience will be an open thread where users can post topics that they’d like to see in the list. I think this could work. It is kind of like the Read me threads you see elsewhere.

But I really think searching could work the best. Things that are still relevant are being talked about currently, when they aren’t relevant any more they wont be.

good idea but then we (admin, volunteer) have to share/take responsibility and each take 1 category where we keep ‘our’ reference thread up-to-date

i don’t want the content to get reorganized right now because it will cause us to spend unnecessary time figuring out where everything is.

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who’s talking re-organizing?
we’re just suggesting summarizing / adding a table of content / index, per category
but that will take a lot of time, albeit on a voluntary base
(that time you are talking 'bout will grow & grow with every post on this forum)

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