What is your favourite / most used module and how do you use it?

I started this thread to exchange some ideas in the SSP user community. It’s not intended as a module popularity ranking contest, but an opportunity to learn from each other.

I’ll kick off with my most used module: it is the humble LFO. While it is rather utilitarian, I find it immensely useful.

As a modulation source:
I often throw in additional LFO modules in a patch to liven up sound sources and control signals. Thanks to the SSPs architecture there is always room to insert an additional LFO and patch it in. The fact that you can have as many as you need makes that you are able to apply many unrelated modulation signals which is good for evolving and organic patches.

The LFOs make great clock sources. The square wave is your friend here. Using both the positive wave and negative wave keeps the targets rhythmically aligned in an alternating pattern.

The same method can be applied for pseudo stereo modulation. Send a positive waveform modulation signal to filter 1 and the negative equivalent to filter 2. Place the filter outputs hard left and hard right.

As a sound source:
All waveforms are available simultaneously at any time. In combination with a VCA (and its mix output) you can mix your own waveform. Expand on this by modulating the individual VCA channels.

Fattening up a sound is easy but adding an LFO to the sound source and using its Sine output tuned one octave below the main oscillator / sample.

The LFO does FM beautifully. Just patching one LFO’s Sine into the Freq input of another produces a very pleasant and warm tone.

Over to you!

interesting topic… as I’ve been going thru all the modules, to explore how I can use and abuse them :slight_smile: … and also look to see what I’d like to ‘reimagine’

I can’t say I have a favourite, since an LFO cannot be used instead of a VCA ; - but I do have some modules that I use, and other I ‘avoid’.

so whlst reviewing the modules, these are the ones I find useful, and use alot.

SVF, I think sounds really nice.
SAM, I think is excellent … always useful to have samples, mainly for layering
LFO, though only as lfo/clock, since it aliases at higher frequencies (not using bandlimited waveforms)
STE, a sequencer is always useful - perhaps a bit complex for my needs.
VCA, stable of all modular - not just for audio, but modulating cv.
MIDI, this is how I tend to trig voices, midi clock, cc’s for extra control.
INP/OUT - love the scopes on these!

ones I do like, and need to use more :
WTO, I like and need to load some more wavetables onto SSP
EFL, very useful, esp. if you are using the SSP more as an FX module, so sending in audio.
COM, I quite like its sound… but don’t really have a need for it often.

ones, that in principle I should use more, but don’t…
GRA, is fantastic, but sometimes when I alter parameters, its audio stops and doesnt come back,
also Id like to have longer grain sizes (I might to my only version one day)
DLY, I use occasionally… though, theres something about it that doesn’t gel for me, not sure what.

of course, modules are not the only aspect of the SSP…
I totally rely on the USB audio interface aspect to integrate my rack with Bitwig/Vcvrack.
Recorder, I love it being so quite to grab audio of see audio waveforms.

I’ll admit, I tend to use my modules a lot, but then Im biased… also of course developing them, means I ‘know them well’ :wink:
(of course, there whole ‘existence’ is due to the tremendous efforts by Bert to allow VSTs to be usef!)

I love SAM & MIDI!
Those two modules are reasons that I bought SSP and I started Eurorack.

I love finger drumming and my favorite gear is Handsonic HPD-15. It has a turntable emulation effect and it can scratch the sound. But HPD-15 doesn’t have sample import and I cannot use my favorite sample. So, I was looking for the hardware sampler that has a -3 octave pitch range at least to reproduce scratching effect but I couldn’t find for a long time.

Some Eurorack sampler has wide pitch range, but so many midi modules and the sampler is needed if I use all midi functions of handsonic. (Many knobs and sensor are outputting CC value, and 15 pads have velocity and pressure sensitive.)

When I found SSP, I feel “Yeah!! This is what I wanted! It looks my ideal flexible sampler!!” It has wide pitch bend range and can assign many midi. And it can do sample round robin, randomize sample, modulate many parameters, etc.

And, Switching module and @thetechnobear 's SHQ can add “random, but controllable” sample change on the sampler. Using a foot pedal, I can change from softer sound group to harder sound group. And I can have randomized sound in the group when I hit a pad.

I’m on the way exploring SSP, but I’m having so much fun!

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