What I don’t love

Sluggish knobs…


a reset to zero knob (push?) would be great indeed


I’d love if Percussa would provide a fast scroll possibility.

For live use of the percussa, that would be important, not just to save your nerves in the studio.

What about holding down one of the two shift buttons, and then turning a knob will increase scrolling speed 10x?


There are several suggested features for this. Personally I would like the following:
Double press on encoder for snap to default. Alternately, an additional double press could snap to the opposite end of the range. Maybe a feature to set default position saved with each preset. Press and hold while turning encoder accelerates knob turn to very fast. Should be interpolated so that the effect is smooth. There could be a user preference along with this, where you can switch the press and hold. One way is fast turn and press and hold for slow, and the other way how I described.

The issue here is deeper than fine vs. course control however. Designers of audio gear spend a lot of time and effort getting knobs to behave, not just range, but also control curve. Here is a little insight as to how that is achieved: https://kassu2000.blogspot.com/2018/04/precision-attenuverter-mixer.html

Ideally, the most awesome thing would be to incorporate the ability to select from a couple different curves for each control.


if we could just select one curve (for all knobs) i would be happy af
if all knobs “behave” (the same), you can build mussle memory
now i just build (turn/over) butterfingers