What are Bias and Target A and B

Hey friends. Im confused. In regards to the input module, what does Bias, Target A and Target B do?
I assume that the Bias is an offset? but more confused of the other two. Thanks

bias is a simple dc bias to the input (adds/remove constant voltage)
hint: for audio/non pitch cv signals good to set this to -0.023

(note: you can also do this on the network screen using scale/offset - which I tend to do more frequently… but i think thats just ‘habit’ from me, as i use these all the time at other places in the patch)

target , specifies which output on the IN module the physical jack will go to
i.e. on channel 1, you can send it to IN:out 17
as we have target a/b you can send it to two different outputs.

note: iirc, this only remaps the physical inputs, you cannot remap the USB inputs.

i admit i dont use it much, except when using USB audio…
some apps (esp iOS/non-music apps ) will only output on channel 1/2.
i then use this to remap the phyiscal ssp inputs, to other channels so I can still use them.
e.g. if Im playing youtube thru my ssp, it’ll go to 1/2, so i redirect the ssp inputs to somewhere else.

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oh, I forgot to mention…

the whole ‘offset’ thing, is partly why SWAT has the ‘display’ function.
I wanted a way to see actual voltage levels, since the scopes are too small to get precise values.
(the other reason, which is similar is I wanted to see pitch values :slight_smile: )

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your the man thanks dude

definitely sounds better