Wavetable Oscillator - WaveEdit

Did you know that you can load all of the wavetables from the WaveEdit online site into the SSP?
I tried this a while ago and they work just fine loaded into the wavetable oscillator of the SSP.
I used to have some PPG synths back in the day and having their wavetables loaded up into the SSP really make the module come to life, especially when you modulate the x,y,z coordinates.

You can download them here:




very nice suggestion brett,
i will wait for the folder structure change implementation before importing hundreds of samples in 1 folder

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Thanks for sharing that @BrettSaberhagen, very handy indeed. :+1:

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I couldn’t get these to work perfectly without some obvious discontinuities on some waveforms, and also oddly some worked better than others. Is there something I should do by way of formating to make these work better?

Edit: actually only one of them seems to not work correctly so I must assume the problem is with the file and nothing to do with the formatting or the SSP! So, ignore my post!

@Dark_Barn I don’t recall doing anything special in order for the wavetables to work on the SSP.
I just downloaded them, put them on my uSD card and put in the the module where I loaded them up into the wavetable module. :thinking:

All good, it was just the main one I wanted to work with, ‘Sine2Saw,’ has a discontinuity in the sine. I think whoever authored that particular waveedit made an error. Everything else I’ve tried has worked fine. Mostly I was looking for a wavetable that would give me a PWM square.

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this change is coming in the next update.


you might also want to play with the NrWaves parameter in the WT osc which determines in how many waves the WT Osc will cut up the file you loaded.

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The new folder structure is very nice and definitely helps speed up the search and selection of both sample and wave tables for me, thanks @bert & @celine :kissing_heart: