Wavetable Oscillator- Multi Edit Wavetable in Preset

Description of feature (short and simple): Would like the option to change (load) a new wavetable selection to all wavetable oscillators in a preset.

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):

If you were able to change all of the wavetables that are referenced by each instance you wouldn’t have to navigate to each one and change them individually. Speed & efficiency! :grin::+1:


Good idea! We’re aware of this and have been thinking of adding a copy/paste function to copy settings between wavetable oscillators. This was also briefly discussed here.


Ah, must have missed that…Glad to know that you’re looking into it.
The reason why it came to mind was that Inwas making a multi-oscillator preset and once I decided to utilize the same wavetable in all of the oscillators it became fatiguing to change them all individually.

No problem! I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: We’ll do our best to implement this ASAP, because I understand this will definitely improve everyone’s workflow.

@celine is currently working on one of your other feature requests/suggestions so we can include it in the first software update :slight_smile: We expect to release the first update Sunday night.

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No problem, anytime! Glad to be able to contribute my findings to make your module even better!

Shoot me down in flames if this has already been asked or mentioned, I did spend 3 minutes looking but I have a very short attention span? Do the wavetables have to be 24 bit at high sample rates, or please advise if any format of wavetables can be used/made. Thanks

you can use any WAV file you want, doesn’t matter how long it is, what sample rate it is, what resolution … the wavetable oscillator can load your file and will chop it up to create a 3D wavetable from it. Use to NrWaves parameter to choose in how many pieces to cut it.

For example, if you would cut your file into 1000 pieces, then you would get a 10x10x10 3D space of waves and the XYZ parameters will navigate the space morphing between the waves.

Best results are of course achieved with files that are a concatenation already of “waves”, you can find plenty of wavetable files like this online and the NrWaves parameter allows you to use any kind of format (nr of waves, length of each wave…) that you want.

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An excellent source of downloadable wavetables, and an editor to make your own:


I’m having trouble with wavetables downloaded from waveeditonline. Each wavetable is 64 single-cycle waveforms at 16-bit, 44.1kHz. When I load them into WTO with NrWav set to 64, the oscillator is sampling 16 cycles as one waveform. The Z-axis rotates between the 4 aggregations of 16 waveforms, and the X and Y axis rotate between full and zero amplitude with no waveform changes from the table.

This comment stood out to me because I looked into turning NrWav up to 512 or 1024 to further divide the wavetable, but the control stops at 255. When changing NrWav on these tables, the display doesn’t reflect the file getting sliced differently, nor do the the XYZ controls. I tried 36 different wavetables, all with 64 single-cycle waveforms, most being dumps from other instruments like Plaits, Braids, Prophet VS, MS2000, PPG Wave, etc. When loading the files in the input recorder, the waveforms and audio appear as expected.

I’m not sure how to proceed since the NrWav doesn’t seem to change anything with these tables. This is using the 20012020 firmware. I can record a video if this needs a more detailed explanation.