Was the time-stretch module ever released for the SSP?

I see from a search that the third stretch-goal on the original Kickstarter campaign included a time-stretch module. Now I see from a search here comments which appear to indicate that there is no time-stretch feature (i.e., slowing sample-playback while holding pitch constant) in the current Percussa SSP. Is this correct?

I was not around for the kickstarter,
but i believe for the 3rd stretch goal, there was a list of ‘proposed’ modules which backers voted on…
then these were selected…

the results were:

so this was

  • GRA
  • Looper (not yet available)
  • MTQ
  • EFL
  • ARP

so only the looper is outstanding…
Im not sure what else was on the list of possibles, Im assuming from your post a time stretching module - if so, then this was not selected by backers.

Kent, summarized this really well in this thread

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I think what technobear posted is acceptible, I am sure that Bert and Celine have their hands full. I am not a developer, but I have mucho respect for people like technobear and what they have brought to the module, and look forward to future contributions when possible. I also hope that other developers will jump on board and develop even more VSTs for the module. I’d love to see more MI VSTs introduced, but I also know that has to be time consuming and labor intensive. I think most of the basic building blocks are there (especially with SWAT and the OG modules) there are very few core modular functions that are not supported currently. The USB I/O alone made me sell my ES9 to help fund the SSP purchase :slight_smile: and all in all, I am thankful for what we have, and consider anything else icing on the cake :slight_smile:

P.S. I wish I knew what I was doing, because I have some ideas and things I would love to implement in the SSP, but I am totally clueless when it comes to programing.