Voltage Controlled Envelope Preset

Attached is a preset that is a Voltage Controlled Envelope with CV control over Attack Time, Decay Time, Sustain Level and Release Time. Doepfer and Pittsburgh make a similar hardware version of this. It would be great if the SSP ADSR module could generate triggers upon end-of-attack and end-of-decay (Hint), but currently these are not available in the ADSR module.
In/Out assignment is as follows:
In 1: Envelope Trigger (Gate)
In 2: Attack Time Control
In 3: Decay Time Control
In 4: Sustain Level Control
In 5: Release Time Control
Out 1: Envelope Out
Original preset location is 009; file renamed to 009 VC Envelope.pbp for easy sharing; please rename to your own liking.

009 VC Envelope.pbp.zip (2.8 KB)


that’s a great suggestion and definately something I want to put into the ENV module.