Using Din-MIDI to USB adapter to play/sequence SSP?


i´m a n00b and figuring out how to use my new Percussa SSP at the moment.

My sequencer (Deluge) is in bits, being upgraded with a new panel and other things, so i can´t use it to play my SSP.
I can´t seem to use anything else either; i have:

  • Elektron Digitone, Analog Rytm mk1, Monomachine, Machinedrum
  • N.I. Maschine

I also have a CV.OCD which converts din-midi to cv/gate-signals. But i have tried using it with Digitone without any luck; maybe i´m doing it wrong, i´m not entirely sure how to make sure the cv/gate signals from it gets connected right.

And, i have a computer running maschine software, Ableton and more.

I don´t have a “normal” keyboard with either midi out or usb.

The elektron devices above are at the moment useless since the USB on Digitone can´t be used to connect to a usb-host like the percussa and play it or send sequences to it. Same with Rytm i guess.
The other devices only have standard midi outputs.

My options:

  1. I can buy a cheap keyboard or perhaps a Beatstep Pro with usb toi play and sequence the Percussa.
  2. I can buy an adapter for Din-MIDI to USB, like this:


The Roland cable is cheapest, and i think it lets me use most of my machine to play my SSP; the Maschine, Digitone and the others. However it uses power from ther USB connection, so i hope that´s not a problem? I can get this cable adapter today if i decide, soi can be happy all weekend. :slight_smile:

My third option is to wait until my Deluge is running but that can take weeks and i cant stand waiting that long.

What do you think, is it doable?


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I couldn´t stand to wait, if i didn´t get one today i would have had to wait until mondag and i want to try it out during the weekend!
If it works as i hope, it´s gonna be fun fun FUN. If not, big crocodile tears.

It looks and feels lika a quality item, when just plugging it into my laptop here at work the install was very painless. Looking forward to coming home and try it out with the rest of my gear.

Ok, so the dongle you have listed as option 2 is what comes with the Haken Continium. It is effectively just converting DIN 5 midi to MIDI over USB.

It should work, as that is how I’ve used the Continuum to control the SSP in the past.

Any of your devices that output midi could be used with and it will bring MIDI to the SSP. The question of course will be whether or not the device in question is strictly conforming to the MIDI standard or not.

You would plug the dongle into the middle USB port on the SSP. Then on the grid you would add a Midi module. This allows the midi signals from the usb port to be routed internally or externally (as CV or gates) if you wish.

There is a preset that comes with the SSP that uses midi modules to make a synth voice (I think it was either 4 or 8 voices). Look at that, as it will demonstrate how to route pitch, gate, velocity, etc. within the SSP.

That should be all you need to start using MIDI with the SSP.


Very nice and simple explanation, thank you. I think i was expecting to be more difficult, but i´m very pleased that it´s the opposite. :slight_smile:

Five cold friday beer-stars for you, my friend! :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

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that cable should work fine as long as it’s USB MIDI class compliant, which it looks like it is. The SSP’s USB ports can provide 500mA per port which is more than enough for powering that cable. Keep in mind that current draw for USB connected devices is added to the current draw of the SSP itself.

Update; finally got the midi connection to the SSP working, i was using the Digitone since it seemed the best choice - but there´s obviously something wrong with it´s midi output.

As soon as i switched to my monomachine everything suddenly fell into place, and i was able to both use the sequencer and keyboard to play the SSP.

Very happy user here, and now the fun begins with exploring all that i can do with the module. :slight_smile: