Sorry if I missed this already being discussed, I just got my SSP today and can not figure out how to get MIDI data from my Vector sequencer (or my Launchpad) to be seen by the SSP. I am hooked into the center port and looking at the input Processor screen I dont see anything coming in, am I missing something? Thank you in advance

If the SSP shows device name when USB midi device is plugged in, just add midi module and connect to other modules whatever you want to control.

Then you can see the signal change from midi devices at the module output monitor if the setting, midi channel, Number of CC, etc, of the midi module is correct.

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Thank you, that worked. For some reason I was thinking I needed to use the input module for MIDI input :confused: appreciate the help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.
Enjoy your SSP! :wink:

Just wanted to chime in here. Im using a USB to MIDI cable.

when i plug into the SSP it recognizes the device! yay. It says the name of it.

Im sending Midi from my octatrack to the SSP, to send midi to a oscillator, sample, etc. It doesnt see to be picking it up. What am I doing wrong here?

what are you doing exactly?

basically, you need a MIDI object, then make sure the correct channel is ON.
by default ALL channels are on.
then the easiest way to see if its working, is to look at the gate output , then hold a note on the octatrack, and check gate rises.

(make sure you only have one MIDI object to start with, to ensure its not distributing the note to another MIDI object)

apart from that hard to know what to look for, Id test the cable on something else…
and Id also try another usb midi controller , just so you can determine for sure if the issue is with the cable or what you are doing on the SSP.

Okay thanks! I wasnt sure if there was a ‘host’ issue as i saw on a different post you made.
I wanted to send on a midi channel from the octatrack’s midi sequencer to the SAM(sampler) module. Funny because when I went super high up the octave on the OT, i was able to hear notes when i’d trigger something. Maybe I have the wrong I/O selected on the MIDI or Sampler channels? I just selected the Gate and The Pitch from MIDI > SAM … Couldnt get it to work.

I did however, create an LFO and then was able to play notes on top of the droning note that I chose for the LFO to cycle on if that makes sense. So it was picking it up. I must be doing something wrong. Just trying to interface with the sampler.

I will rewatch the MATTHS videos again just to be sure. Also just wanted to add aside from this I am seriously loving my percussa SSP so far.

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check the ‘voltage’ of the pitch output - is it near 0-1v (so, 0.0 to 0.2 on SSP display)
it may be its pitched really low.
you could also just remove the pitch initially, so it defaults to 0v , and so see if the gate is triggering the sample.

I know perhaps they not super obvious, but understanding the little scopes on the SSP , and using them really helps… since you can check that the cv levels are where you expect them to be.

with the LFO did you get it to respond to pitch and gate?

you could try my plaits or rings vst, these have trig and pitch input (aka voct) so are super simpe to get working with midi for testing purposes.

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Yeah it’s a little confusing now. I’m outputting MIDI to channel 2 on thr MIDI module inside the SSP and the scope is picking nothing up. Perhaps it’s the cable or the OT sending MIDI out in a weird range like you mentioned. I just really like the OTs interface for making music.

Development wise- what could be done? Hypothetically speaking if I were to see on a computer what messages I was receiving, and then convert that to .0-.2 like you said- Is there such a thing as maybe I need to make like a translator or converter type module on the SSP for the OT’s messages? Hope this made sense haha.

Maybe I’m confusing myself because I thought all MIDI messages were the same in a way… but maybe this usb cable is funneling them in a weird way…

Also yes I was able to send pitch and gate to that constant LFO

Edit: you know what I’m realizing my mistake. I don’t think I can send the MIDI sequencer to trigger the step sequencer to then trigger the sampler. I’m just trying to find a way to control the sampler but I don’t think it’s possible

sorry, but Im getting confused about what you dont have working…

here is a quick demo

in particular notice, how I show the scopes moving (at about 20 seconds in)

this is from the OT with just a simple USB->DIN cable (a midimate II)

this is not what you said you were doing?
why would you want to trigger the step sequencer? and not go directly to SAM from midi?

if you want to step the sequencer forward every time you get a note, then you need to connect MIDI:Gate to STE:Clock
but I dont think thats what you want… and I think probably wise to get familar with the MIDI a bit more first… as otherwise I suspect we are going to be talking at cross purposes.

Hey! Sorry I can see how this can be a bit confusing as my posts were pretty scatter brained while I was trying to figure this simple thing out.

In short, I just wanted to use the OT Midi sequencer to send gate and pitch to the SAM module.

My confusion was: during hooking up the MIDI module to the SAM module, I selected Pitch: SAM: pitch1, and there is an option for Pitch: SAM: gate1. This second option was what I thought I needed to trigger the gate. Why I was getting only pitch and no gate / any sound at all.

My solution was I just scrolled down and selected the correct Gate: SAM: Gate 1

Sorry again for the run around, this was a silly problem with an easy fix. Ive been spending all day sequencing the SSP with the OT now.


no worries, easy to miss these things…
Ive done this with physical modules, accidentally plugging gates into v/oct, and wondering why a module wasnt triggering :slight_smile:

I think with the SSP, the more you use it, the more you get used to what ‘tools’ there are to trace issues.

the main thing I ‘intuitively’ check these days is mostly the inputs…
is it enabled?
does if thave the correct number of connections? (usually 1)
does the incoming signal on the scope look ‘roughly’ right.

this prevents my 3 most common mistakes
forgetting to enable an input.
connecting to the wrong input (e.g. Id expect 1 connection on two inputs, but find I have 2 on one input)
not getting a signal when I expect it (perhaps because another module is not being triggered)

its quite rare for it not to be one of these ‘obvious’ mistakes :slight_smile:

Off the back of this discussion is there a way of recording an incoming midi sequence and converting it to cv? Apologies if that’s a basic question I’m new to incorporating midi beyond the basics

No you cannot record midi - but you could record ( using recorder) the cv/gate/velocity etc.

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Thanks a lot. I think im still being slightly stupid though, how do I do that with recorder I seem to only be able to record input or output and the midi is coming in via USB. Is there a way of internally routing the cv of that to a channel that can be recorded or am I missing something obvious?

yes, recorder only records inputs and output.

so you have to route midi → out…
this works esp. nicely if you are trying to record cv/gate that you are sending to other eurorack modules.
otherwise you can use any output that you are not using…
which is usually ok, since there are 16 outputs , but we only have 8 physical outs…
(so unless your using all channels via USB, usually have a couple to spare)

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