Sorry if I missed this already being discussed, I just got my SSP today and can not figure out how to get MIDI data from my Vector sequencer (or my Launchpad) to be seen by the SSP. I am hooked into the center port and looking at the input Processor screen I dont see anything coming in, am I missing something? Thank you in advance

If the SSP shows device name when USB midi device is plugged in, just add midi module and connect to other modules whatever you want to control.

Then you can see the signal change from midi devices at the module output monitor if the setting, midi channel, Number of CC, etc, of the midi module is correct.

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Thank you, that worked. For some reason I was thinking I needed to use the input module for MIDI input :confused: appreciate the help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.
Enjoy your SSP! :wink: