Usb flash drive or larger boot image SD card for sample storage

Sorry if this has been answered before, I did a bit of a binge of the forums when I first got my SSP and I thought I’d read somewhere that you could use a usb thumb drive to store samples (I can’t seem to find that now in the search so maybe I imagined it)
From the QuickStart guide:

“1 high speed USB host port (leftmost port) with USB ethernet adapter support.
1 full speed USB host port (middle port) with USB MIDI keyboard support”

So my question is is it possible to use a usb thumb drive to store a sample library on, if so what USB port do I use and what format type would I need to use to format the usb drive so the ssp recognised it?

Originally I bought a 128gb micro sd card but I couldn’t seem to get the suggested software to format the boot image to a bigger size (128gb) using Mac OS (I’m not very good with technical computer stuff)

If anyone has made a boot image for a 128gb card would they be kind enough to share the boot image please?

I don’t think this is correct…
I think perhaps the ‘confusion’ here is,
@bert mentioned the possibility of moving the OS image to the internal flash storage, this would mean that the sdcard could then be removed whilst the SSP was running, to add new samples etc.
(not possible currently, since the OS is running off the sdcard)

this feature is not currently implemented.

k… the answer is ‘kind of’, but there is no real support at the moment.

the other week, (from the command line!) I tested using a USB storage stick, and it worked fine.
I could transfer samples…
there was a bit of a quirk… things like SAM, GRA and recorder, these do not ‘see’ the new files, unless you switch directories - which is kind of ‘ok’ , but would catch users out!

so i did start wondering about writing a VST which would allow some ‘sample/file management’,
rather than directly use samples off the usb stick (which i dont think is a good idea), the idea would be it would allow the user to copy/manage sample to/from usb <-> sdcard.

this would be useful until we are able to remove the sdcard.

the other option which I did for the Qubit Nebulae, is to enable wifi and then have a web browser interface that allowed sample transfer… this I personally find much more useful than using USB.
however, I found i need to do some low level work to get the wifi stick working (build kernel module), so it went on the back burner, since i was working on other ssp vsts.

so yeah… its all still a bit up in the air in my thought process.

ok, you do not need a bigger boot image … and no one is going to want to start sharing a 128gb file :wink:
(even if its compressed down)

what you need to do is extend the file system, I need to double check but I suspect the /media/linaro mount (where samples are stored) is on a different partition to the rootfs.

Ive not done this on the SSP , as ive not needed too… but its not too hard…
I did it on an Organelle, and the ‘process’ will be basically the same
(note: do not just type this in… as the partition names are very likely to be different!)

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