USB Audio in Windows 10

HI, new to the SSP and the forum, i’m just trying out getting it to talk to my computer / ableton. my machine is windows 10 - right up to date and the SSP is up to date as well.
Windwos is only seeing the SSP as a device called - Line (Sourec/Sink), it does say it has 24 channels but it will only allow me to outut sound on the first 2 channels - in ableton settings it only lists mono 1 and 2 and stereo 1,2.
also the sound coming through the SSP is distorted.
i installed asio for all and it can see the 24 channels then but the sound is still distorted.
anyone come across this before?

Hi, the only DAW that appears to work is Reaper, but you loose the advantage of sending built in Ableton CV tools, and or Bitwig;s own excellent CV that now supports wasapi but unfortunately 2 channels like ableton, so we have wait for these to figure out if multi-channel audio is worth pursuing. there is other Ableton communications ongoing but my recommendations and opinion is give up the idea of multi-channel CV/audio in these DAWS as I have regrettably had to. I have been thinking if Rewire is supported in reaper then would there be away to send Ableton/Bitwig out into reaper and back and forth to SSP, but I’ve done enough head scratching at the loss of opportunities with Ableton/Bitwig. Others may be able to step in and offer some assistance, I just thought it best giving you heads up on my grim experience :sob:

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thanks for getting back to me and thanks for the info. I’m not too worried about not having mutlichannel usb audio out of ableton but it would be nice for the audio from my windows 10 machine not to be distorted - even just with 2 channels.
After doing a lot more reading on here i see that the SSP should just appear as “Line” under device manager in windows but any audio from any source (edge, soundforge, sound settings test sound button) i send to it is distorted. I’ve tried different cables / different ports but it’s still distorted. on the SSP i just have an input module going to an output module - channel 1 input going to out1 on the output - if i run a source from my modular into jack one the sound is perfectly clear - no distortion but the sound from windows is distorted no matter how load it is, where it’s coming from.
Anyone had that kind of issue on windows 10?

no, but i’ve had that issue while under small load in the SSP while running >48Khz

I’ve tried it on a different windows 10 machine (different model even) = exactly the same, still really distorted.
i’ll dig out a mac and see what it sounds like from that.

Got the same on a mac mini - distortion playing anything through the SSP - USB audio.
Do i have a faulty SSP?

what do you think - should i try re writing the 23072019 image and then coping over the 20012020 update.
to rule our a software issue?

Why are you using ASIO4all, do you no use a audio device that typically has USB ASIO drivers incorporated in manufacturers drivers, I have found the same problem when tried ASIO4all even with internal computer driven audio softsynth/Effects so it could be ASIO4all that is causing issue, not the SSP. I sacked ASIO4all idea a while ago. This is why I thought it was your intention to use multi channel. I use MOTU and they install ASIO but not sure if you can source normal USB ASIO, I have a an old M-Audio CD and I will see if I can get the USB ASIO drivers from this, pack and attach but will have to find some time, in meantime, try sourcing USB ASIO.

found this, but I have not tried so please assess and use on own caution -

the only reason i put ASIO4all on was to see if it improved the situation. i’ve since uninstalled it.
The problem seems to be with the SSP rather than my machine / it’s drivers.
i’ve tried the usb audio to SPP (input module USB+Jack ch1 going to output module usb+jack ch1) there are no other modules in the patch and i don’t have nothing patched into the jack 1- but if i play anything from my computer - from live, soundforge, bandcamp through edge - it’s always distorted.
i’ve tried to do the same on a different windows 10 machine - same distortion
i’ve tried to do the same on a mac - same distortion
i’ve tried 3 different USB cables - same distortion
i’ve tried offseting the input signal / messing with the bias etc - same issue

now if i plug signal from my modular into usb+jack ch1 in this patch, say a osc, morphagene etc - no distortion.
in fact if i plug a signal like a sine wav into usb+jack ch1 while my computer is playing through usb+jack ch1, i can hear the sine wav perfectly with no distortion but can still hear the distorted signal from my computer - could it be an issue with the usb jack?
waiting on the dev’s to chime in - any ideas on anything else i could try?

@zvuku please see these threads where i go into detail about ASIO and WASAPI -

Audio over USB on Windows in Bitwig DAW problem

make sure you are not monitoring channels on your DAW through the SSP while also sending the same channels back to your DAW, so you don’t create a feedback loop somehow.

you can try that, just to make sure.

make sure you connect the SSP to a USB 2.0 port on your PC. no hubs allowed, only a direct connection, and cable not longer than 1.5 meters, and use a USB 2.0 cable.

please review the channel routing diagram in the usb multichannel update notes in the software section.

here are some possible better alternatives -

About ASIO2WASAPI, by the Author, Lev Minkovsky -

It is a universal ASIO driver implemented as a translation layer above a low-level Windows audio API WASAPI. The driver uses an event-driven WASAPI exclusive mode, so it can only work on Windows Vista or later and only for audio devices that support such mode. ASIO2WASAPI can be used when
no vendor-supplied ASIO drivers are available, as it is the case with many USB DACs, USB-to-SPDIF converters and onboard audio devices. It is much easier to set up and configure than ASIO4All, and it is guaranteed to always be bit-transparent.

Then some DAWs vendors also ship ASIO wrappers for WASAPI with their DAW. You might be able to use these with other DAWs if you get a hold of the drivers.

  • the generic ASIO USB audio driver shipped with Steinberg’s Cubase
  • the generic ASIO USB audio driver shipped with Image Line’s FL Studio

List of DAWs supporting WASAPI -

  • Reaper
  • Studio One
  • Sonar
  • FL Studio
  • Cubase
  • Harrison MixBus
  • Jeskola Buzz

Possible helpful information for fine-tuning your PC to get good audio performance -

The general consensus in other fora between users and developers is that WASAPI is the way forward.

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bert - thanks so much for all the info, i’ll give it all a read and try it all to get it fixed.
BTW - so impressed with the SSP, i spent a couple of hours last night just playing with the waveable osc, so amzing feeding it really slow lfo’s to the xyz, and the drive in the delay module - love it. i haven’t even loaded any of my own samples yet. also the granular module - feeding the start, length and amp midi from a faderfox pc44 and triggering the grains from an lfo, such control - my next patch will be a poly version of that. the short of it is thanks again and great work on the SSP - it’s amazing


Hey Zvuku,

I have made the SSP work perfectly with Asio4All and Bitwig on Windows 10, so I assume it will work with Ableton Live as well.

If you try long enough you will eventually succeed :slight_smile: The Asio4All driver behaved weirdly at first, but once I found a setting that works, I didn’t encounter any problems anymore

My settings when opening the Asio4All driver look like this:

Asio Buffer Size: 2048 Samples

Latency Compensation:

In: 1024
Out: 1024

Buffer Offset: 20ms

My initial mistake in the beginning was that I haven’t adjusted the latency compensation with the Buffer size.
I think (correct if wrong) the in and output latency compensation need to add to the overall Asio Buffersize value (1024+1024= 2048), otherwise you will end up with crackling sounds.

In the WDM Device List, the only device that is acivated is the Percussa SSP.

Then I’ve created a DAW SSP preset in Bitwig and SSP, where I route all kinds of inputs of the SSP to the inputs of Bitwig, outputs from Bitwig to the SSP etc etc.

It’s incredibly flexible… It allows you to use the SSP as an interface between modular world, a mixer, an effect unit, a CV tool and much more.

And yes, make sure in Bitwig / Ableton that the inputs are not playing over each other.

For example, Output 7 and 8 in my setup are the final outputs to my mixing console and studio monitors.
Now, if I would send a sound from the DAW to SSP and back into the DAW, it is imporant that the initial sound doesnt go to your master output (in my case outputs 7 and 8), otherwise it will crackle and sound distorted.
Zero latency feedback seems to do that…

It took me days to set this up properly so patience is key :slight_smile:

Give the Asio4All another try.

All the best


With this set up, could you send and return multi channel cv as well as audio, cab you send Bitwig CV on multi channels is it possible to screen print audio ins/outs on bitwig main screen and in settings please, or send bitwig template, it would be a great help as I am absolutely useless

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@zvuku @Evoken thanks so much for your positive comments and contributions, I’m glad you are happy with the SSP and are getting it integrated in Bitwig.

This tip worked perfectly for me thanks. I finally took the plunge having had a dreadful experience with Asio4All many years ago. I’m currently using win10 and Ableton. The very high buffer setting is indeed critical.
I wonder if this information could be made more prominent eg in the manual - maybe a new thread about PC / other device integration?

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