Usage case inquiry for sampler

Hello! I want to load multiple tracks into the SSP that have about a 3-4 minute length and loop them all from start to end. Is the current sampler module able to loop samples of that length? Are there any algorithms I should be wary of as far as quantization goes for looping the material?

Basically I want to load my own techno jams into the SSP and then mix them in and out of one another to my modular system (imagine like a CDJ built into your eurorack.) Ideally they would be raw and not time-stretched or modified heavily by any internal algos. They will all have the same BPM so I’m not worried about any sort of tempo pitch wizardry.


good question…

I believe the main thing to bare in mind is samples are loaded into memory (afaik),
so an uncompressed 4 min stereo track is around … 70mb…
SSP has 2GB of RAM, but that is obviously not all available (OS, synthor,modules).

Ive not tried to load in larger files, but I’ll give it a go… as Ive been meaning too.

you can set the sample to auto loop, but you might want to consider syncronisation of this.
probably you are better to trig it to start it, but then if you want to loop it… thats perhaps a little tricky (unless it has an ‘end of sample’ output)

samples playback at a given rate … so as long as you specify the same rate for playback as they were recorded, your good to go…
(there is no time stretching… if you change speed , it’ll change pitch)

I’ll go try to load some longer samples… as Ive been meaning to try this, as Ive some ideas for fx and audio processing… but not got around to it.
(actually I think I might even have some longer samples loaded on the sdcard already :slight_smile: )

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ok, got some numbers :slight_smile:

first… there is around 650 mb free, once synthor is running
(synthor surprisingly takes 1.2gb of the 2gb available! )

for test, I used a stereo audio file thats recorded at 44khz, 32bit, and weighs in at 59mb.

each time it loaded, I could see it used almost double that (thats not surprising, it’ll be uncompressed) so ~ 120mb.

I could get away fine with loading it 4 times , still had 110mb left
(remember its stereo so taking two sampler slots, also rememeber this 110mb left)

5-6 times, and basically your out of memory
7th time it crashed … ok, not surprising memory was well and truely out by then!

of course, this is JUST your samples (and sample player) , you still need the rest of your patch…
so I had a quick look at the memory usage of some of patches… and typically they seem to around 70-90mb (not using samples/wavetables)

there is another option…

the recorder - this is very cool because it does NOT read files into memory, rather plays from sdcard

however, unfortunately this has limitations (in your context)
a) it cannot loop
i really wish it had this option (@bert :wink: ), this would be great for having something played in the background.

b) you can only play back one file at a time
(but it can be multi-channel, so you could be creative here)

c) you can only send it to an physical output
so you cannot send it to a module for an FX, or send it out via usb.

of course, your other option if its just playback / looping , and if you want to be able to use the SSP modules as fx etc… that is use a separate module (or pedal/rPI) to to do the playback and feed that audio into the SSP.

this is actually, something Ive been trying out…
Ive got a squarp rample that plays back from its sdcard.up to 4 channels (e.g. 2 stereo) … as its playing from sdcard files can be any left.
it loop, one shot, sync etc , plus has some interesting/useful fx/ slicing etc.
(its pretty well priced too)

whats also useful is you can trig it to load new samples from midi… or switch layers via cv.

as i said an area im experimenting with, but have started to come to the conclusion perhaps its easier to do this sample stuff on the Rample, and leave the SSP for the more juicy interesting stuff :wink:


Wow I cannot thank you enough for going through that and reporting back! (Well I can thank you, with donations :wink:

I’m not opposed to playing them as a one shot and possibly just loop smaller accompanying parts like vocal samples or a breakbeat to fade in and out.

Seems like option 2 would be perfect for me though if it did loop. Honestly though for me looping the whole track probably isn’t necessary and it could create more problems like synchronizing it and reverb and delay tails being cut off at the end point of the loop.

Once I actually get my hands on this thing in a week I’ll be able to offer more insight and ideas on this particular usage. Very excited none the less :grin:


@Nleif welcome to our community!
thanks for your reply @thetechnobear :slight_smile:

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your welcome, I enjoy looking into the details of these kind of things… doing so, I always learn something along the way :slight_smile:

hmm, just been playing with the recorder, unfortunately, it looks like it mutes the audio from the patch…

which is a bit odd, as its still running the patch, but it appears not to mix the audio of the patch and recording, rather mute all outputs channels from the patch - which is a bit of a shame.

the recorder is an incredible useful tool… and really handy since its always available in ‘one click of the R button’

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we’re still waiting for a module called ‘looper’ which could be possible of use here

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not sure the looper module would help much as its likely to also be memory based.
… so as such, similar to sampler… (which we should remember will already work for OP)

perhaps some small tweak to recorder would be best…(as its already disk streaming)
or I could later look into a vst that supports sample playback off disk. (no promises at the moment)

I do think extending recorder might be nice way forward, as it has a dedicated button, which makes it super accessible.