Update 29052022 [Superbooth 2022 BETA SD Card image - GPU accelerated graphics, improved performance, new plugin SDK and more]

See also Exciting news - Software Update and Superbooth presence - #6 by bert for background info on this update. This update is a major update since the last SSP software update was released (Nov 28th, 2020).

Where to download the update

This update is no longer available for download since it was a BETA SD card image. Please download this one instead:


How to decompress and write the image to your card

Refer to the above update page for instructions.

Important info regarding plugins

Please note that @thetechnobear will be releasing new versions of all his plugins shortly, as the previous versions of his plugins are no longer compatible. So if you have presets in which you use his plugins, make sure to get his new plugins, or your presets won’t work.

You can find the new versions of his plugins here - TheTechnobear's VSTs development - #236 by thetechnobear

Important info for plugin developers

This update supports a new plugin format, which we are introducing simultaneously with this update. The reason for the new format is that we wanted to give developers access to 2D as well as 3D graphics and GPU acceleration and provide a simpler and better way to make plugins.

You will need to get the new SSP SDK from github and update your plugins according to the instructions in the SDK. You can find the SSP SDK repository at https://github.com/percussa/ssp-sdk.

With the new SDK you will no longer need to use a chroot. You will just need a cross compiler for ARM and the shared and static libraries you need to link against.

For the libraries you need to link against, download the buildroot SDK from the above update page. For more info about buildroot and the SDK that buildroot exports, see The Buildroot user manual

When you write a plugin, it’s important you link against the libraries that are in the rootfs on the SD card. That is what the above buildroot SDK package is for. See also the instructions (contributed by @thetechnobear) in the above ssp-sdk on github.

This also means that the above buildroot SDK package is only valid for this particular SD card image. In the future, for new SD card images, you will need to download a new buildroot SDK package to go with it. If you have any questions you can post them in the forum.

High level summary of what’s new in this update, which was about 2 years in the making (!):

  • Rewrote all graphics to use OpenGL(ES) and enabled the GPU, resulting in additional DSP & graphics performance
  • Removed JUCE from all the graphics code
  • Added a custom memory allocator to improve memory management and performance
  • Various audio DSP optimizations
  • Optimized loading time of software
  • Upgraded operating system (new linux kernel, updated drivers, rootfs etc)
  • Tested and fixed demo presets
  • Rewrote a lot of the recorder code
  • Added support for new SSP SDK for new and improved plugin format supporting OpenGL(ES) and GPU acceleration
  • New wave scanning and raytracing oscillator (PLY)
  • GPU accelerated visualisations such as a new envelope visualisation, scopes etc
  • Various bugfixes (suppression of clicks and pops when switching presets, offset/scaling fixes, etc)
  • Various bugfixes contributed by @thetechnobear


With this update, 3D Graphics & GPU acceleration and a new accompanying SSP SDK have been delivered. These were stretch goals in the original SSP Kickstarter campaign, for which the funding goals were not reached.

Due to their importance and potential we decided to implement them anyway even though the time (and resulting cost) of doing so have been substantial.

We’d like to thank @thetechnobear for contributing bugfixes and ideas for the new SDK and for helping with testing the new update and for updating his plugins to support the new SDK.

We hope you enjoy the update. Please make some videos and help spread the word!