Update 21072018 - Output and Sampler Module Improvements

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See below for full description and notes about demo presets.



Usability improvements

  1. version number is now shown at the top of the screen
  2. input/output modulation targets on the right side in network editor are now shown using module colours

Output module simplification

Changed number of inputs from 1 to 8 such that it’s not necessary anymore to use the P-page to configure the output module: output module inputs map straight to physical output jacks.

Existing patches using multiple output jacks/channels might need to be modified to use the multiple inputs of the output module, such that the signals are sent to different physical jacks on the SSP. The good thing is that you now need less output modules to accomplish multichannel output patches.

Sampler module improvements

  1. removed view button and instead added next/previous buttons for stepping through sampler slots
  2. changed behaviour of load button so it loads a sample in current slot but does not go to next slot automatically
  3. made sample loading code more robust to prevent crashes when loading sample files with zero channels or zero samples, or files that are too big etc
  4. moved start/length parameters to first parameter page
  5. added freq coarse/fine for manually changing pitch/playback speed of sample without needing a pitch/frequency input signal
  6. moved freq coarse/fine and tune coarse/fine controls to alternate (second) encoder page (button up/down to switch)
  7. added play button for sample auditioning (outputs to one of the 8 outputs of the sampler module corresponding to the sample slot being auditioned, so make sure you’ve connected the output for the slot being auditioned)
  8. added clear button to clear sample slot
  9. moved calA1/calA2/calRS buttons to second parameter page (cursor left/right to browse parameter pages)
  10. changed start/length setting code so it works across all loaded samples in all slots consistently
  11. updated sample scope component so it uses the length of the longest sample loaded across all slots so start/stop play position and playhead are shown consistently
  12. added realtime display of start/stop and play position
  13. added support for multichannel WAV files when loading samples into slots
  14. added multichannel (MCh) toggle button to switch playback of samples between outputting first channel of each loaded sample and outputting all channels from all loaded samples layered across all 8 outputs of the sampler

Changes should not break existing patches, behaviour should remain the same as it was in the previous update where we added additional gate inputs and additional outputs on the sampler.

TuneC/TuneF, Coarse/Fine (pitch), start/length settings work across all loaded samples (slots) in a sampler module. If that is not what you want, you can use multiple sampler modules in the patcher grid and load 1 sample per module.

Included presets (optional)

This update comes with an update to the 4-voice wavetable patch (000.pbp) and a demo preset (003.pbp) for the sampler, featuring one lfo, one sampler and one output module. The sampler uses 3 of the WAV samples supplied with the SSP, loaded into 3 of its slots, outputting the sound through 3 of its output channels. The channels are fed directly into the new output module so they come out of output jacks 1-3 of the SSP. The start of the sampler module is modulated using a sine LFO. Downloading the demo presets is optional.

Thanks to @BrettSaberhagen @NeilParfitt @Mercurial @IvanS @jason @2disbetter @PyroMalibu @tiger001 @aengine @SSPix @Mark and others for your input!