Update 20012020 [Patcher Grid Fixes + Offsetting/Inverting/Scaling; Input Module Improvements]

Hi Everyone

Time for the first update for the SSP in 2020! In this one I decided to focus on bugfixes/improvements which have been suggested in the forum. Here is an overview and the download link for the update:


1) Network grid next/previous module, delete buttons

The delete button has been moved to the middle of the top button row so it’s less likely to be pressed when pressing the in/out or shift-left buttons. The next and previous module buttons have been removed as they are no longer needed: users can use the module picker screen instead by pressing the first encoder. The two buttons which have been freed up might be used to call up the module picker in the future and to confirm module selection in the picker.

2) Added offsetting/inversion code for all inputs/outputs of modules in the grid

  • scaling factor for module inputs/outputs has been changed to range -3…+3 and step has been changed to 0.001 for more accuracy. The new range now also allows to invert signals.
  • offsetting factor has been added, so it’s possible to offset any output or input signal on any module input or output. The step value for the offset is 0.001 and range is -1…+1.

How scaling factors and offsets are applied (IMPORTANT):

Every output/input combination in the far right list of the network grid has a seperate scaling and offset factor. Changing the offset and scaling is done using encoders 2 and 4, while holding one of the shift keys. The scaling factor is first applied to the output signal, after which the offset is applied. The resulting signal is then sent to the receiving module.

Every input on the receiving module (left hand list on the right of the screen) has a seperate offsetting and scaling factor. They can be changed using encoders 1 and 3 while holding one of the shift keys. The incoming signal is first scaled and then offset.

As you might already know it’s possible to send multiple signals from different modules into the same input of a module. Those signals are automatically summed as they arrive at a module input, so using the scaling and offsetting features on the outputs or the inputs any kind of necessary signal adjustment can be made.

3) Input module visusalisation of gain/bias + adjustment of ranges

We added code so the scopes in the input module update when you adjust gain/bias for any of the inputs. The range of gain has been adjusted to -3…+3 and step size for gain and bias has been changed to 0.001 to allow for more accurate adjustments. Range for bias is -1…+1.


The above should make working with signals and inverting and offsetting them easier. We look forward to the next update and hope you enjoy this one.