Update 16092018 [Multi-Sampler with Mod inputs + Enc Accel]

Hi all,

Time for a new update! See below for the details.

Software download link -

Presets that come with this update (optional) -

Sampler Module

  • Extended sampler so parameters are accessible per sample slot and only affect the slot being edited
  • Extended sampler so each slot has its own modulation inputs
  • Fine tuned start/length parameter step size
  • Removed empty space after samples loaded in slots
  • Removed Coarse/Fine for Freq/Tune settings in sampler and replaced with single Freq/Tune parameters
  • Fine tuned Freq/Tune parameter step sizes with new encoder acceleration code
  • Removed Next/Prev buttons from sampler (use LEFT/RIGHT cursor keys now to switch slots and access parameters per slot)
  • Made 2 presets with multiple samplers and modulations of the different slots

Envelope Module

  • Fine tuned step size for parameters, tested with new encoder acceleration code


  • Added new acceleration code that takes into account recent encoder changes to scale/accelerate encoder value changes

Demo Video

That’s it for this update. We hope you enjoy the changes and new possibilities.