Update 15072018 [new MTQ module, Step Seq updates]

Hi All

Here is a new update featuring the microtonal quantizer (MTQ) module, the first module from the stretch goal voting results which has been implemented!

Other than that, we also have updated the Step Sequencer using some of the feedback from the forum. More details below. Here are the download links for the update:


The first link is the application update, the second link is for a ZIP file containing a presets and scales folder which can be unzipped along the application.

You can choose whether you just want the application update or if you also want an example preset for the MTQ and some scales to go with it. Both ZIP files can be unzipped onto your SD card.

The first ZIP file will overwrite your SYNTHOR executable file.

The second ZIP file contains a “presets” folder with a preset file in it, 100.pbp. It also contains a “scales” folder which contains some indian scales from the SCALA archive at http://www.huygens-fokker.org/scala/

If you want to use a new scale you just drop the .scl file into the new “scales” folder and our software will list the file in the MTQ module on the P-Page so you can load it there.

Unzipping the second ZIP file on your SD card is totally optional. The “scales” folder will be automatically created by the application when it starts up.

As always make sure to backup your presets folder just in case.

Microtonal Quantizer Description

The microtonal quantizer (MTQ) can take a pitch signal and quantize it using a microtonal scale. It can output the quantized pitch signal. The pitch signal can then be sent to an LFO for example or any other module with a pitch input.

When you go to the P-page for the MTQ you will notice you can browse the scale files using the listbox on the left and the Sel encoder. You can push the encoder or use the LOAD button to load the scale.

Once the scale is loaded the scope will update showing you a bunch of grey vertical lines. These represent the frequencies generated using the microtonal scale: the scale contains a list of frequency ratios expressed in fractions or cent values, and those ratios are multiplied with a root frequency to create a list of frequencies against which the incoming pitch signal can be quantized (after conversion to frequency of course).

You can set the root frequency using the Coarse/Fine encoders. Normally this frequency is set to MIDI note #60 which is 261.6255653006Hz.

The scope will display a red vertical line showing the incoming pitch, after conversion to frequency, and it will show a yellow line for the resulting quantized pitch. The green text shows the current root frequency used by the MTQ.

The root frequency can be changed dynamically while the quantization is happening and of course you can load different scales at any time. The scale loaded and root freq are stored in the preset files and recalled automatically.

In my preset featuring the MTQ I take a noise generator, make it generate random values at maybe 0.5Hz, and then use that as a pitch signal to the quantized by the MTQ. The quantized pitch signal is then fed into an LFO’s pitch input which sends its signal to the output module.

Have fun playing with the MTQ and let us know if you find any bugs or if something appears to be not working the way it should.

Step Seq Gate Tracks and parameter page UI fixes

Celine has been working hard on the Step Seq this week and added 2 gate “tracks” besides the existing step value “track” (thanks to @SSPix and @Mark for the suggestion). Those 2 gate patterns can be output through 2 new gate outputs, so you can use those with the gate inputs of the sampler for example, while using the step value output for pitch or something else.

The 4 encoders’ push function can be used to turn gates on/off for gate track #1 and the 8 soft key group can be used to turn them on/off for both gate track #1 and gate track #2.

The up/down encoder switching in the Step Seq has been removed, so all you need to do is use the left/right cursor keys to step through the sequence, 4 steps at a time. The selection window updates automatically as you use the cursor keys and you have instant access still to 4 steps at the same time, including gate 1 and gate 2 tracks.

We also tweaked the UI a little, so there is a limit on the number of pages per module, such that “blank pages” without any parameters to tweak are no longer shown (thanks to @NeilParfitt @BrettSaberhagen @2disbetter and others who have pointed out this source of confusion).

Other than that we made some slight tweaks to the UI of the granular and sampler to show slightly bigger listboxes and scopes.

I think this should be it for now, let us know how you get along with this update and if you have any questions.