Update 14092019 [New Quad SVF; New Sampler Scrubbing Features; SVF and Sampler bugfixes and optimizations]

Hi all,

Time for the next update - in this one we extended the SVF to be a quad SVF, adding cool new scrubbing code to the Sampler, fixed bugs and usability issues in the sampler, fixed a bug relating to the cutoff/resonance mod inptus of the SVF and added optimizations in the SVF.


This update depends on the SD card image in the following forum post -

New Quad SVF + Bugfixes + Optimizations

The SVF now has 4 inputs and 20 outputs (4x5). It’s now a quad-filter, which means you have 4 independent filters in one module. Each filter has 5 outputs, and the name of the outputs has been shortened to HP, LP, BP, PK and NT.

It doesn’t matter if you use 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the filters because the CPU cost is the same. Filter processing is done in parallel on the CPU now so this change does not increase CPU usage.

Cutoff / resonance mod inputs also had an issue previously where the mod signal would be scaled on the inputs, this has now been fixed. It’s possible that similar issues were present on some mod inputs of other modules, so this fix should take care of that as well.

New Sampler Scrubbing Features + Usability Fixes + Bugfixes

  • scrubbing code has been added such that if the sampler is not looping and you change start, length or Xfade, there are no glitches that can be heard. It now sounds like a tape head or vinyl record moving. Modulating start/length now is also smooth because it uses the same scrubbing code.

  • start/length logic has been changed so there is no more “inversing” of the from / to playback region. This should make it easier to use the sampler and to know what’s happening.

  • A level setting has been added per-sample so you can adjust the level for each of the 8 samples in the sampler module. This setting also allows inverting the sample playback (range is -1.0 to 1.0).

  • various other bugs in the sampler were fixed in the process and the code cleaned up and optimized.


We hope you like this update, we look forward to seeing your videos online on what you can do with the sampler and the new quad-filter. Until the next update,