Update 13102018 [Physical Membrane Module + Pitch tracking fixes]

Hi all,

Time for another update :slight_smile: In this one we introduce the physical modeling membrane module (PMM) which was a kickstarter stretch goal module. We also provide an example preset to go with the module. Download links and details below.


Physical modeling membrane (PMM) module + DEMO VIDEO

The module has the following inputs:

  • Gate input to trigger the virtual “hammer” that strikes the virtual drum membrane (also called the excitation)
  • Power input / parameter to control with how much force the virtual hammer strikes the drum
  • Tension to control how loose or tight the drum membrane is (controls the pitch of the resulting drum sound)

The above preset shows how to use the PMM module. You can feed an external trigger into the gate input or just use an internal square wave LFO on the SSP if you wish. In my demo video I do both, first with a make noise MATHS and afterwards with a square wave LFO. In the video I also demo modulation of the power and tension inputs using low-frequency noise generators. The tension modulation signal is offset using a DC generator module.

Pitch tracking fixes

  • Pitch tracking bugs reported by @IvanS and others are now fixed for all the modules that have a pitch input
  • Coarse/fine frequency settings for modules with a pitch input now no longer affect tuning but are simply an offset for the frequency calculated from the incoming pitch signal. Frequency modulation received via the frequency input is applied on top of this offset and the frequency derived from the pitch signal.

If you feed a pitch signal into an LFO or other module with a pitch input, and you don’t want a frequency offset, remember to set coarse/fine to zero on the p-page.

That’s all for now, we hope you enjoy this new module!
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