Update 12112018 [Delay and Reverb Modules; Bugfixes; Control rate; 8-voice WTO patch]

Hi everyone,

Here is the next software update. Download links -


The update introduces the following new modules

  • delay module
  • reverb module

Delay and reverb processors have now been moved out of the global level and into modules you can use in the patcher grid. This means that if you want delay and reverb you will have to add it manually to your existing patches since it’s no longer at the global level and when it loads your existing presets, the delay and reverb won’t be there automatically.

This update also fixes the following bugs:

  • MIDI module pitch signal tracking issue
  • DSP loop excessive CPU usage caused by debugging code
  • crash when unplugging MIDI controllers

This update also introduces the following enhancements:

  • seperate control rate frees up additional processing cycles for audio DSP

New preset - 8 voice wavetable synthesis patch


short demo featuring an 8-voice wavetable synthesis patch on the percussa ssp eurorack DSP module: each voice consists of a wavetable oscillator, input and MIDI modules, envelope generator and bus module. The envelope generator amplitude-modulates the wavetable oscillator. MIDI module provides pitch, Z modulation and envelope gate/amplitude signals. XY modulation is done using the inputs which are connected to a planar joystick or dixie II LFO. The sound of all oscillators is routed via the bus module to a delay and reverb module before it goes to the output. 43 modules total are running in parallel on the SSP.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy this update and we look forward to the next one.