Update 04092018 [BUS Module, SWI Module and SDL Module! Copy Paste Feature + Preset Selection Bugfix]

Hi everyone,

Time for a new software update! Below is a summary of what’s new. Download link for the software update:

This updates comes with several presets as well which have been posted in the preset corner as well as below - https://forum.percussa.com/c/ssp-preset-corner

New Module (1/3) - Bus

We added a new module that allows you to route signals anywhere in the patcher grid, which is important if you’re working on a big patch spanning multiple pages.

The new BUS module lets you do this. It has 8 inputs and 8 outputs. The input channels are summed to corresponding channels of an internal buffer, and the output channels are read from the internal buffers’ channels. You can change the source and destination buffer number via the P-page (there are 64 internal buffers!).

An interesting side effect is that if you wrote data into a buffer and then stop writing to that destination, but then read from the buffer using another bus module, is that the contents are still there and will be looped :slight_smile:

Example presets (detailed info in the preset corner)


New Module (2/3) - Switcher

We added a signal switcher module as requested by @Mercurial @IvanS and others. The switcher module has a selection input, and a signal input. The selection input is used to route the signal input to any of the 8 outputs of the switcher module.

One example application is to send a gate into the signal input and to connect the 8 outputs to the 8 gate inputs of the sampler such that when the selection input changes, the gate triggers a different sample. You can see this in action in the video below.

Example presets (details in the preset corner)


New Module (3/3) - Simple Delay [kickstarter stretch goal]

We added a simple delay module, with delay parameter. The delay module has a signal input and output, and simply delays a signal. It can be used of course with any signal, such as audio signals, CVs and gates, internal or external.

Example presets (details in the preset corner)


New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Module copy paste feature has been implemented in the patcher grid (N-page) as requested by @BrettSaberhagen and others. Module parameter settings are copied and multiple-pasting is possible after pressing the copy button once.

  • Bug reported by @mercurial @sspix regarding preset selection and loading (lots of turning to select next/previous preset) has now been fixed.

We hope you enjoy this new update and look forward to the next one!

Thanks for your continued support,
Bert & Celine


Love all the work, but the bus module as well as the copy and paste functionality are huge! Thanks again for all the hard work!