Unused Granular pages

@BrettSaberhagen submitted this bug

Bug description (state clearly and simply): In the Granular parameter page there are two pages with actual parameters to change but am able to cycle through several more empty pages until it cycles back to the two pages with values. I would expect that the number of pages of parameters would be limited to the number of values that you can actually change.

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Type (major or minor): minor

Yes, that is right and I understand it would make more sense to limit it to 2 pages in case of the granular module, but right now every module has 8 pages, because some modules such as the step seq need 8 pages. Because of the architecture of the code it is not so easy to change this at this point, but we will probably change this in the near future.


This is now fixed in the latest software update (update 15072018). There is now a limit on the number of pages per module, so no more blank pages :slight_smile: We’ll also add this limit on the menus as well.