Trigger-to-sound Latency

Bug description (state clearly and simply):
When triggering drum samples (I guess any samples, hopefully the problem is not trigger-to-action), there is a fair bit of latency, which is approximately 0.06 seconds (half of 16th note at 128 bpm). When making beats and using other eurorack modules for drums this becomes a big problem since percussa doesnt sound in sync with everything else. Is this trigger-to-sample or trigger-to-action (time it takes percussa to register a trigger)?

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. Make a beat on Percussa using SAM modules.

  2. Make a Hihat pattern using another eurorack module where all steps are active, so it is a continuous 16th note pattern.

  3. Does it sound in sync?

Software version (blank if unknown):

Type (major or minor):

this should now be fixed (or at least improved) in this update - Fix 03082018

What is the audio engine buffer size anyway?

128 samples @ 48kHz
256 samples @ 96kHz
512 samples @ 192kHz

There is still room for further optimization but I have to prioritize and first work on a few other things.