Trigger button for SAM/GRA/WTO, etc

Add a Trigger button inside anything that makes sound, for instant auditioning.

Currently, it’s not possible to trigger, say, a sample from inside the Sampler module after it’s loaded -
same goes for the WTO and Granular. This would make it super easy to immediately hear the current
module without having to connect any mod sources for this purpose.


That’s a good idea. We already have this feature in the recording, so we should be able to reuse the code for the sampler/granular/wto.


this would be super handy

as an extend, you could assign the 8 buttons to trig 8 samples/WTO/Granular

as a double extend, let those 8 buttons function as mute(s) too


how far are you guys with this one please?
i know we can play the 8 layers separetly in the SAMPLER - but not trig the sample as a whole (of slots)

You can send the same trigger signal to the 8 slots of the sampler (using the G1…G8 inputs) and it will trigger all samples simultaneously.

Other than that there is a PLAY button that triggers the particular sample slot you are looking at. For that to work you have to patch the relevant output of the sampler to an output module.

This is not going to be useful for the WTO since the WTO slices up the sample into however many pieces you set using NrWaves. For the sampler this functionality is already there but not for the granular. I’m not sure how useful it would be for the granular since the whole point of the granular module is to rapidly trigger small slices of the sample and mix them together (i.e. grains).

The point is the ability to hear the sound of the sound-producing module you’re working with, without having to set up any external mechanism to do so. Like the equivalent of having a synth module with a button that internally generates a MIDI C3 to play the current sound, so you can hear it easily while programming - a convenience feature, but super useful.

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a trigger button (in all modules) would be SO useful