Time based effect's Modules please?

Just wondering if there’s any thoughts for some time based effect modules such as Delay, Reverb, Chorus, flange, etc?

I like the Fx modules but as far as effect’s go, time based effect’s are the real need for digital FX in a modular system. I mean, if I’m gonna use a filter in my modular I’m going to straight to an analog filter. Same with distortion/saturation, compressing, etc.

I will do the same thing with a lot of time based effects but obviously you cannot recreate say, a realistic 2018 reverb or Hi-Def delay w/ analog modules.

Would be awesome to see some DSP modules that you can’t recreate appropriately with analog modules.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Yes like Convolution Reverb or Spectral Delay, etc.


Yes! I’ve been wanting Convolution Reverb in modular since the beginning. This is literally the only module that can handle it. Would be a game changer.

The modules suggested to kickstarter’s during the voting look equally as exciting that are in the planning. These I guess will come eventually and I agree will be a game changer, unless of course VST script writers step on board beforehand.

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Yep. I’m just waiting out development. All good things take time. I just don’t see a huge interest point in creating modules that are already very available in a large number of cheaper analog modules that most users probably have an abundance of.

i don’t know
i for sure, and i know of 1 other user that reserved budget for an all-in module like the SSP to save some cash and HP ; if it can do both (cheap analog stuff & hi end digital EFX), then why not?
i also like the hi end in/out of the SPP, the preset saving/recalling and off course the novel ‘tactile/physical’ hardware
like you said, wait out and in the end (almost) everything will be available


Totally agree,
I just feel like a lot of users already have other cheaper euro fx modules (or easy access to getting them) so maybe focusing on more high end time based FX first would be a smarter initial business/marketing decision. :slight_smile:

For example when Scott Wilson (nw2s) posted one blog post with demo’s of his “Freeze” algorithm for his (proposed) high end DSP eurorack module 3 years ago, I still hear people asking about when it will be released literally all the time. Very good and easy marketing on his part (if he ever releases the module).

I totally get what you mean. It really does seem like a balancing act trying to figure out which modules will truly be of the most use on the SSP. But you have the right idea. With time anything is possible on the SSP.

this thread inspired me to step up the pace and actively go hunting for VST (time based efx etc) developers to bring their dope code to the SSP world


Thanks for doing this:+1: Will try to help out finding interest whenever I have the time.

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the reason that there is a SVF in the SSP software is so you can build multi voice patches easily without having to send a signal out of the SSP through an analog filter and then back into it. You would waste valuable I/O by doing that (unless of course you really want the sound of that particular analog filter). We did not put an SVF into the SSP so you could just run one SVF on it :slight_smile:

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the SSP already has a 3D wavetable oscillator, granular, etc. I tried to stick to modules that are a good fit for a digtital module like the SSP and have tried to avoid doing analog emulations (the SVF being an exception).

There is already a request in the forum to move the global delay and reverb to a module that can be inserted in the patcher grid. When that happens I might be able to add some modulation inputs so you can modulate them with other signals.

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high end complex FX modules like convolution reverbs or spectral delays are big projects in themselves and it would make more sense to build these out of building blocks in the patcher grid.

If I put all the DSP in one big module then it cannot be load-balanced over multiple processor cores (and the SSP has 4 of those running modules in parallel), and chances are that it then works for one person but not for another person. If it is a patch/preset then you can modify it however you want so you get exactly what you need.

Keep in mind that the SSP itself hardware wise was already a huge project :slight_smile:

:+1: Like it, now that would be super awesome,