Tile I/O Idea: S2 + appropriate 3 or 4 encoder = Offset adjust

So it looks like if I’m IE: adjusting the bias/gain of an LFO output if I hold either S1 or S2 while adjusting the same encoder, it has the same result. What if S1 was the usual bias/gain, and S2 was an offset control? Offset would be so useful for a million scenarios.

(and apologies if I’m using the wrong terminology… not sure if it’s called bias or gain)

I wasn’t sure if there was offset available anywhere else, but this could be a good spot as it’s on the in or out of a tile… which in the physical modular world is where you’d likely have attenuverters and offset style utilities for CV.

BTW - I know this could cause some havoc with audio signals, but I feel that a user investing this module would hopefuly know better anyway :wink:


This is really cool, definitely useful, having 2 buttons that do the same thing is kind of pointless anyway :slight_smile:

This has already been suggested in the forum I think, to add offset/bias using S1 or S2 + encoder 3/4 similar to how it works right now for gain. We’ll put this into the code as soon as we can.

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Another idea… currently gain range is 0 to +1. If this was expanded to -1 to +1. that would give the users an integrated attenuverter which I’d only assume would make patches cleaner and more efficient.

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that is a good idea and we can do that at the same time.


Awesome! This is a subtle addition, but this combined with offsets will be tremendous for the tweakabily/useabilty of Envelopes, LFO’s and related. Many thanks!


this has now been implemented in this update - Update 20012020 [Patcher Grid Fixes + Offsetting/Inverting/Scaling; Input Module Improvements]