TheTechnobear's VSTs development

ok, Ive put up a new version… this will allow users to change the encoder filter characteristics.

so we can see if different users, can find different sweet spots.
in addition, Ive added ability of have multipole filter… between 1 and 4 (0=none) , given us the ability to change the slope of the filter.

these filters act just like an audio filter (imagine the encoders having high frequency ‘noise’ and you want to cut this out, but leave the rest of the signal as clean as possible.
the filter coefficient specified - is basically ‘cutoff’ (albeit expressed differently)
the number of poles, changes the steepness of the response curve, in the same way we have 6db/12db/24db/48db filters.

the general idea is with a steeper slope, then we can increase the cf (cutoff),
but this will only work IF the ‘noise’ is really spread over a narrow distribution.
if NOT then small number of pole (e.g. 1) will likely work best.


quick update, as its been a bit quiet from me on the dev front…

just to say, I’m actively working on some new plugins for the SSP, and some other SSP related things… Im excited to share what Im working on with you, definitely there will be something to hear at Superbooth, may be sooner !

the module Ive been working on over last week or so, Im particularly excited to share… its a major development, and something I many are going to love… its becoming one of my favourites already, and its not quite finished…(nearly though)
after that, Ive got some others, that’ll I think will open yet more doors…

and what I love about modular is… adding one module, is not just about one module’s function, its also about how they interact with other modules, and grow the ecosystem as a whole.
(this is something, Ive also been focusing a little on late)

Ive also some other news to share… so watch this space, and make sure you tune into to Superbooth :wink:

make sure you are subscribed (with the silly bell icon) to my youtube channel, as I’ll likely put a reveal video around that time.

so… don’t fear, there some goodies on the (nearish) horizon…


Great news!! Thank you for all your hard work :slight_smile: looking forward to what you have in store.


I’m excited for the announcement!


This is super exciting! It’ll be the first new update/things I put on the unit!


with the press release from percussa… the cat is out of the bag!
what have I been up to for the last few months ?! :slight_smile:

the big news is, of course, the impending new release of the SSP software.

but some details, and here I want to focus on what this news contains relating to what Ive been doing.

a) new SSP update and my plugins
the update brings with it a new SSP development api.
my first task was to update ALL my plugins to this new api, including changes required,
and testing appropriately.
I also have been involved in updating this api, including update the ssp-sdk examples.

I will release an update to my existing plugins when the synthor beta/udpate is released.

b) new plugins
The other reason, Ive been quiet is Ive been working on alot of new plugins.
I don’t want to spoil the surprise of whats to come here!
Im going to show these off at Superbooth, but indeed there is (currently) 11 new plugins!
… putting that into perspective, I’m almost doubling the number of my pliugs.
I’ve now 25 plugins for the SSP - thats almost as many as factory plugins!

and yes, this has been a LOT of work, weeks and weeks of development.

these have been built on (and so require) the new api, hence why I’ve not been able release anything recently.

as for release of these new plugins after the beta/update is released.

I’m a bit undecided, generally I plan to release them intially under ‘early access’, as Ive done in the past.
I also might release them gradually over time, rather than all in one go.
this would allow me to get feedback and see if user find any issues.

I know users would prefer to just get them all in one go, but this is alot of work, and Im not sure this is the best release strategy for me.

but Im intested to hear you views !

c) collaboration with percusssa
this is also important news for the future.

the simple part is I will be on the Percussa Superbooth stand each day
current plan is I will be manning the stand in the afternoon.
so, if you want to come see the new plugins or just talk about the SSP pop by :slight_smile:

however, bigger news is :

SYNTHOR is closed source, but I’ve been granted access. so that I can now contribute to synthor development.
this could be resolving bugs, implementing new features or whatever.
and, as mentioned above, more involvement in the ssp-sdk,
and of course, testing and checking the development release :slight_smile:
this has been keeping me pretty busy recently!

HOWEVER, I do want to keep expectations ‘in check’ !

first some context…
my development efforts are ALL voluntary I’m not being paid to produce plugins, nor fix bugs or stuff in synthor. this is all done in MY free time…
… and this time in not insignificant, even a very simple plugin takes hours of work.
chasing bugs can be extremely time consuming, again think (many) hours.
all time , I could spend making music or on my other hobbies (or other projects! )

it is a balancing act… and one Ive not entirely made decisions on.

also, whilst having access to synthor source to help improve it is fantastic news, and being able to discuss things with Bert has been great.
lets be clear, I’m grateful for the opportunity!

however, synthor is ‘closed source’, any efforts I contribute to it are owned by Percussa.
as many know, I’m an advocate for open source dev (and that is never going to change)
normally, I would not contribute to such projects (unlesss I was hired as a consultant - which im not).
so, this is somewhat an exception for me, just because I appreciate the SSP so much, and how big a project it is for a small company (Percussa), I feel we as a community need to ‘do our bit’.

however, it means I need to balance how much effort I spend improving synthor and my continued open source development efforts.
this is why all my new modules will continue to be ‘plugins’, so I can retain ownership.
(also balancing this against all the other open source projects Ive created or am involved in)

so I’ve still yet to make up my mind on what direction I want to take.
but as I said, it is a great opportunity, and Im grateful to Percussa for it.

and Im sure this will all become clearer over time, after discussing with with others, be it at Superbooth or with others here.

again, interested to hear your views on this.


oh… and if you’re at Superbooth, don’t forget to come hang out with me :slight_smile:

lots of new things to show, but I can, of course, answer any SSP questions you have - and even show you some tips n’ tricks!
(I’ve written a few interesting demo patches for superbooth)


Fantastic news! I’m very grateful for all of your efforts to expand the functionality of Percussa! The modules you have already released for the current version of the software are very interesting and useful. With many more modules to be released, I think an overhaul of the module selection screen is warranted. At a minimum we should be able to see the full module name. A list filter function would be useful too, so we could select to see only modules that produce sound for example. Again this is only a suggestion. I really appreciate your work to date!


Thank you Mark for your continued efforts on the development, and I look forward to the Beta/Release of the new software as well as your plugins. You have done so much for this community and it is very much appreciated by us all!! If I was able to go to Super Booth, I would totally stop by and say hello and hang out for a while. As far as release of the new plugins, if you feel they are stable for release, I would say just release them all at once (unless you choose not to of course :slight_smile:), of course this is said not knowing how the new software is going to function, so that may influence your decision as well. I also agree with @jcgam that the module selection screen could use a refresh, it is a little clunky, and both of their suggestions would be great to have, sometimes after being away from the SSP for a bit, I look at the module selection screen and forget what the modules are, full names would help a lot. Maybe have module selection on 3/4 of the screen and a small area to display a brief description on the other 1/4, I dunno just thinking out loud here, and of course you, Bert, and the rest of the team make the final decisions :slight_smile: Thannk you again for everything you have and will be doing for us all!!

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This IS brilliant news! A huge thankyou to bert and thetechnobear for the work you’ve put in to achieve this latest update. It’s looks very exciting indeed and hopefully will attract a bunch of new SSP owners – the more the merrier right? Hope Superbooth goes well for you.

My view would be to release a few modules at a time – so we all get a chance to get stuck in, learn about them, and have discussions about them – get them bedded in and then move on to the next batch. I’m sure this would aid things your end in terms managing questions etc. Hey this keeps the excitement up for a wee while as well!

Also support the idea of a ‘filter’ or similar for module selection if at all possible.

Looking forward to Superbooth and to the end of June! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Toooo bad returning on monday after Superbooth 22 back to Berlin
Will have to relay on postings and YouTube :smirk:

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Yeah, we’ve discussed this too…
I’ve nearly 60 modules on my ssp now, so indeed getting a little tricky to quickly select the one I want.

( even though I know the names well :slight_smile: )

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Wow 11 more plugins on the way. Great stuff.

Regarding release, maybe do a early access bundle or staggered early access. I think a early bird for paid or donations makes sense and is just that little incentive to give people a nudge to donate for the work you’ve done and more importantly give you a little extra something if you decide to continue developing more plugins.
Thanks for all you’ve done so far :+1:t3:


seriously stoked for your new work!
See you at superbooth very probably!


ok, time to let you all know what Ive been up to for the last few months !

first, before I start, again, I’d like to thank my ko-fi supporters!
Im happy to give my software away and let everyone enjoy it… but there is something special about receiving a donation… I think its the fact, that you have gone out of your way to say ‘thank you’ and that you are enjoying my work - and I really appreciate that effort !

so what has been going on? when do the goodies get released?

updates to existing technobear plugins

the first thing I had to do is update all my existing plugins to the new ssp-sdk.

one nice feature of the new ssp-sdk is that VSTs are no longer all the same colour :slight_smile:

oh, there are also some bug fixes in various existing modules , bugs that Id found, but didn’t warrant a new release.


I’ve also updated the ssp-sdk to use a new cross-compiling build approach and also to expand the ssk-sdk examples to be more aligned with how I work. the vst example, I updated also to use the latest version of Juce. so overall.
the ssp-sdk examples are better for newcomers to the ssp platform.
(I do still need to finish tidying up the documentation)

new plugins

k, I know this is why you are reading this :laughing:

first, a reminder…
whilst I’ve demo’d these, and they are basically complete there are a couple of tweaks here n’ there I want to do before release.

as previously mentioned, as there is so much new stuff… and the existing stuff has been reworked, I’m going to release a few at a time, rather than all at once. (I’ve yet to decide on order of release etc).

so idea is I’ll release (e.g.) 2 for early access ( * ) via my ko-fi page.
( * ) anyone that has donated within 30 days of the release, will see early access pages.

reminder: these donations are a gesture of support, rather than paying for a plugin etc.
… frankly, Ive spent so many days/hours on this, I can assure you its not paying for dev time :wink:
so, rather, I see it as just encouragement for developing these plugins, but to continue to do so , and make more!

anyway, when the next wave comes along, I will then likely make the previous early access plugins, public.
so basically the early access will let you play with the modules a couple of weeks earlier, but more importantly, also provide earlier feedback.

are you still reading… if so, finally here’s the list…in no particular order.

  • VOST , voltage store with abilities to morph
  • CLKD, a clock (internal, cv and midi) with clock division and multiplication
  • LOGI, a logic module, 8 inputs, 5 outputs… various operations including comparison.
  • HARM, a harmonic oscillator with tilt
  • CART, a cartesian sequencer inspired by make noise Rene
  • DRUM, a synthesis drum kit (8 voices) based on Mutable Plaits drums sounds
  • COMP, a simple compressor with sidechain input.
  • OMOD, a clockable modulator, with 8 modulation signal that are related (e.g. specific in ratios)
  • DLYD, a multi tap delay with 4 taps which can have time modulation.
  • LDRF , a quad ladder filter (aka moog filter)
  • SRVB, simple reverb, nice to have different flavours of reverb.

also, not sure if MTTR is new as well… this is a midi module that allows you to create trigs based on 8 note values - perfect for trigging percussion e.g. for DRUM or SAM.
so not quite sure, if this is 11 or 12 new plugins :laughing:

so my module browser is now pretty full !

of course, the important thing with modular is not number of modules, but rather how they work together, the power is how you combine them - and I have to say, Ive been having a lot of fun with the new modules and working with my existing modules, they really (for me?) fill some holes, make it all feel more complete.

Ive also been developing some presets for superbooth, which I may share at some point, which show off many of these modules - though not quite sure when/how I’ll release those.

there may be some video content coming, as Id really like to show how these modules can be used.
its funny as I design modules, theres almost always some extra use-cases that I think of along the way, that are often non-obvious… and even I forget about :wink: (esp. when releasing so many things at once!)

as for the future, of course, Ive many other ideas, some are more developed than others…

similarly, some of these modules, Ive ideas to expand or change, some that Im waiting for feedback to help decide on their final direction.
so exciting times !


My word thetechnobear!

You’ve filled so many little holes up with delicious VST putty!

The clocking, clockable modulator (am I to understand you’re made some sort of Pam’s New Workout, or Marbles inspired tool?) and Compressor (thank you so much for heeding my request!) are going to get a workout no matter what, and I cannot WAIT to test out the other things as well!

God’s work, real talk!


looking forward to the clock mod the most too

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not really, OMOD was (loosely) inspired by Ochd … having lots of modulation ‘quickly’, and having relationships between these modulation sources.
but like all inspiration, that was just a starting point - as I then added the clock input, then added more waveforms and to be able to mess with phase relationships… at which point, really theres no real similarity to its origins!

I don’t have PNW, (though read the manual etc) , but my impression is its a bit of a multi-function module not really anything unique to it … but its just handy to have all-in-one
but I’d say thats not really suited to a single SSP module, rather id split out the functions.
e.g. OMOD and CLKD have features that are in pnw, and are better suited as different modules.

fwiw, my favourite new module (by far) is CART … though its true OMOD and CLKD are a vital part of my patches now.
thats kind of the point really, as I mentioned previously… many of these modules really work together to form a complete solution (for me) , building on each other.

also, as I mentioned above… some simple modules should not be overlooked - VOST is an incredibly powerful utility… a bit like MMX4/MSW8 really you need to get creative with it.
Honestly, I’m a little surprised how little attention these modules get on the forum, as they are pretty important to get more out of the SSP (imho).

this is why Id like to so some more ‘advanced patching’ videos for the SSP.
I think its tempting when you get started on the SSP to build some pretty (what id call) vanilla patches, where you focus on functionality… you know, a poly synth, a sampler, a granular - or building simple sequencer patches.
but for me, whilst thats ‘useful’ - thats not where (any) modular really excels, its rather when you start getting creative with signals, particularly with modulation… for me one of the remarkable things of the SSP is the ability we have to create so much modulation, and in different forms - in a way that is just not practical in Eurorack (unless you have a lot of modules and $$$$ :slight_smile: )

of course, thats just my personal opinion… and how I find a place for the SSP, and so what drives me.


Awesome, @thetechnobear, that’s really exciting!
I really love to see what LOGI can do. I had a K2500 and its FUN(ctions) were amazing soundshaping tools.