TheTechnobear's VSTs development

Thank you - and thanks to everyone else that’s helping fueling my development :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the vst developments and all your work. More Kofi sent.
I’m not sure the latest batch and data will be much use to me (I already have data in my rack) but supporting and will continue supporting in the hope you continue to create more vst’s or content for the SSP.
Absolutely great work, much appreciated.

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Can’t wait to try this out… it is definitely a game changer for how I will use the ssp…

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tip: check out the new MTIN module …
on the surface it may just look like the MIDI module, but with the option to use multiple devices,
however… there are some subtle, but (imho) useful changes…
the SlewCC option means you won’t get stepped jumps as CC change (7 bit midi is very ‘stepped’) ( really handy for attenuating audio signals etc)
the voct/gate has been tailored a bit for mono synth voices, so you can play non-retrigger notes. ( * ) , and i therefore find it much easier to play than the output from MIDI

( * ) I might enhance this further, as there are various ‘known stategies’ for handling mono voice re-trig that are all useful in different scenarios - e.g. high note prio, no-retrig, re-trig on new note

note: its unlikely I will do poly midi, unless I create a new poly midi module that has multiple outputs e.g has 8 x voct/gate/vel - rather than split across as MIDI does , but i think is not really viable in the vst setup. (as they are all separate address spaces)


Thank you to add the slew function on both MTIN AND ATTN!!
The unsmooth sound change caused by stepped value shift was my headache at scratch emulation with MIDI CC via Roland handsonic HPD-15.
The slew function of those may become a solution.

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yeah, slew is pretty important.
currently its fixed (128 samples , so ~2.6ms at 48k) , perhaps I might make this adjustable at some point - but here I felt like it was enought to just smooth it out a bit.

an interesting point on ATTN, it is slewing (when enabled) the sig+attn rather than just the parameter.
however, this is subject to change - whilst I enjoyed it for slewing (incoming) cv signals , it means it doesnt work for audio (ac) signals … so I may change it to only slew the parameter changes - which is probably also whats ‘expected’.

I should really add a (adjustable) SLEW algo to SWAT. (not sure slew deserves its own module :wink: )
and probably also add a slew parameter to SHQ.

perhaps also midi learn, could also have the option to slew changes as well - though that feels like id want to do it on a ‘per parameter’ basis… ( * ) however, that might be ‘in the wrong place’ - perhaps in these cases - its more that the slew would be for that parameter however its updated…
e.g. pmix gain slider, could probably do with being slewed regarless of if you are changing via midi or by turning the encoder on the ssp
… all food for thought!

( * ) i do want to add 14 bit midi support too, which is high enough resolution, doesnt really need slew


public release day :slight_smile:

all-in-one download :

Today, I’ve released an update to all my plugins, so that they all (except SWAT) now feature midi learn!
(see my previous posts above)

also Im releasing 5 new plugins

DATA - oscilloscope and data analysis

a series of midi modules (aka midi tools)
MTIN - midi input module with selectable midi device and slew
MTOT - midi output module with selectable midi device
MTMO - midi monitor module to see midi coming into SSP

ATTN - an attenuation module that is normalled to 5v, so can be used as a macro.
importantly, as its one of my vsts, you can use midi learn wtih it. also its supports slew.

ko-fi supporters.

again, thank you for your support, it keeps me motivated knowing there are many of you out there enjoying these modules and developments.

please update to the release version (above) if you had been using the Early Access version, there are a couple of fixes, and also a new feature ‘note input’

Note input on Rngs, Plts and Clds - this is enabled on the ‘general panel’ (RS + LS)
allow you to transpose these plugins directly via midi

note: it does NOT trigger, I decided against this, as I think that is better done using midi via MTIN.
I kind of view ‘note input’ almost as an extension to midi learn.

anyway, happy patching…

oh… and watch this space…

Ive 2 new plugins that are almost ready for Early Access to Ko-Fi supporters, and have another that Ive started work on :wink:

more news… when I get a bit further on with the 3rd … which I think alot of users are going to really like :wink:


Thank you so much. This will keep me busy exploring for a while. You know there is such a thing as overdosing on caffeine? I will serve you a few more on ko-fi anyway…

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yeah, there is a lot in there - my experience whilst developing this , is that midi learn is huge…

it means you can really create patches that are much more controllable.
mmx4 and msw8 are really interesting when you can switch and mix input sources without having to start moving around different modules.
this is why attn is so useful, its a quick way to get user controllable cv to many different modules.

at the moment, Im finding improving control is at the heart of what I want from the SSP.
since for me, that is what Eurorack is about. - so thats a bit of a focus

Ive got ideas for more sound/fx side as well, which’ll I’ll turn to once this control/modulation side is fleshe out as I want.

of course, Ive other (music dev) projects in the works too,
e.g Im doing some dev for the Electra One which you saw in my recent SSP video
so its all a bit of a balancing act with my spare/dev time

I also really want to do some advanced/creative patching videos on the SSP - probably as a way to tangentially explain how to use some of the vsts Im creating - some of which perhaps lack context at the moment. e.g. why did I think the MSW8 or MMX4 were so important to create? why do we have certain algos in SWAT?
I think if I showed how I use them, perhaps they can inspire others to come up with novel patches.

after all, at the end of the day, its not about how many modules/functions a eurorack module has, its about how we use them!


I never heard of the Electra One before you mentioned it (which is rare I don’t know of something). Now you got me very interested.

The bad news,
they sell out pretty much as they build them…
Currently they are waiting for more parts. - the issue as with most manufacturers is lead time for components from China is long and volatile.

Best to keep an eye on forum as they don’t have a mailing list … and Martin posts on the forum when he is building next batch.

But for sure it’s a great product, even as-is, but Martin is really pushing it forward - very keen and skilled developer!

Yeah. That seems like a common story these days. I love programmable platforms though. I just found out that the Linnstrument is based on an Arduino Due and I think I might try creating a Monome mode.


Yes… I just got the Electra one, a week ago… perfect companion for the SSP, I’m planning combining it with my midi hub by, to integrate other external midi synths… So it is very good news to hear you are doing some work for the Electra team… now it’s all down to programming the thing… and then to the fun part that will
Free up a few coffees… what can I remove from my rack now with this new combo… :slight_smile:

Thanks again techbear. For all your hard work…

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Im not working for Electra, just doing some of my own dev and, of course, giving them some feedback :slight_smile:

yeah, E1 , its a good partner to the SSP (and other things I do) because its so open, and being able to ‘name parameters’ for complex patches is so useful - Im looking forward to the new lua dev - that’ll allow me to do some every more interesting integration with devices!

(midihub is cool too, i dont use its so much now I have a mioXM, but its still useful it you need a few more midi din)

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Haha, yes. We have all seen what happens once you find a product interesting… it becomes more interesting :slight_smile: thanks for the midi tools! They are awesome… only hope Bert can fix the issue with midi detect… took a while before I figured out… I guess I could have read you instructions… ! It seems to be something I will never learn :slight_smile: rtfm…

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your modules are fantastic, breathing a whole new life into this machine. thank you! &e


Thank you very much for your support :heart:

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Really useful video - thanks for making it


It’s really great.

Thank you very much!


thanks, there’s more in the works…
I’m currently busy on another (non-ssp) project, but once I’ve completed that (in the next few weeks) , I hope to get some more time to get back to those ssp projects :slight_smile: