The Percussa SSP, In its current state (as it has been for almost a year) Is a complete waste of time and money and i deeply regret buying one

Like most people probably reading this I very exitedly spent around £2000 buying the Percussa SSP module in the hope I could use it for a virtual plethora of purposes but six months after buying it i only ever use it for (one specific type of) reverb. I’ve held back from commenting for months in the misguided hope the extremely flawed and user-unfriendly system would have been constantly iterated upon, like the ER301, which is literally my only other sound generating module (apart from a bitbox) and thus my only equivelant comparison and was supposed to, along the the SSP, provide me with enough options to not have to buy a bunch of modules. Essentially i spent big on the SSP and 301 in order to not have to continually spend on other modules and i feel have massively wasted my money on the SSP. Not only hasnt the firmware been updated since last november, the devs literally ignore the forum, which makes the ‘new features request’ section feel like a tacked on joke by this point, and have only, as fart as i have seen, engaged to say that they wont say anything (even IF the firmware will even be updated!!), which is frankly nowhere near good enough. if this was a computer game it would feel like an (abandoned?) early alpha. And now i’m hearing theyre moving on to their next project, leaving one of the most expensive modules in eurortack essentially barely usable and left to be fixed by the community, which is practicly non-existant given the complete lack of feedback from the devs. If it wasnt for the wonderful technobear i 100% would have sold this already. it is beginning to feel like the depressingly standard kickstarter “well we did what we said we would do now go away” partial cash grabbing excercise and not the time honoured labour of love the very best of these things, such as the ER-301, literally always are. Would love to be proved wrong but if i’m honest time is running out pretty quick. In real terms for this money i could have got so many crucial things for my studio but instead i’ve got literally half a row of my two row case being taken up with something that makes me literally angry to look at, which is not ideal.


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