TapeLoopPiece000 (SSP video)

I performed a tape loop piece with a Cassette Tape, Modular synth, Max (for Live), and TouchOSC.
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Love your experimental pieces and this is probably the most abstract one.
Out of interest, what role does the SSP play here and also what does Max for Live do and Touch Osc contribute in this piece? Thanks!

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Thank you for your interest in my work.

SSP serves as the basic audio interface and takes in the sound signal from the tape loop, runs it through RNGS, CLDS, and other processes, and outputs the sound again. Max for Live uses many patches that are structured with algorithms. It takes the signal from the tape loop and restructures the loop’s structure. TouchOSC controls this process, and the Antumbra ATN 8 module controls the SSP. Thank you.

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