SWI module causes Preset writing process to fail

Bug description (state clearly and simply):

When saving a preset with the switcher module SWI inside the network page, the SSP shows an error message: “Failed to write preset nr 005”, for example.Or “Error writing preset nr 005”.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

Load an empty preset, insert a SWI module and save the preset. It shows me an error message every time.

Software version (blank if unknown):

04.09.2020 Update

Type (major or minor):




@bert , I went through adding every other module, to see if any other modules had the same issue. all other were ok except MAC.
looks like MAC has same issue as SWI, both prevent preset saving.

does this happen in the previous update as well?

yes, error writing preset when on FW 26082020

what’s more, existing presets (in which you insert above module) are deleted and cannot be recovered

so i advise not to use those modules any more

I’ll work on a fix as soon as I get a chance.

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for now my new vst MSW8 can be used instead of SWI :wink:


this has now been fixed in Fix 18102020

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