SWAT : Swiss Army Tool, by TheTecnobear

swat - swiss army tool

swat is designed to be like the famous swiss army knife, a useful utility to bring out to solve your problems.

Download : here

Documentation : here

Developer: TheTechnobear

I develop these plugins for free, please consider supporting my efforts with a donation.


Dr. Bear! Strong work as per your usual.

Is there any chance to have scaling set to 1.2V/Oct as per the Buchla (pseudo) standard? I primarily use Buchla stuff along side the SSP. This request applies to anything that you develop like the (shq) S&H+Quantizer. 1V/Oct does me little good.
Maybe there is a way to do this already. If so, can you hip me to it?

I love the inclusion of Logic functions. These are annoying to patch up in Buchla-world (or incredibly ‘expensive’ in terms of using one or two modules to kludge something together. I’ll have to try these out over the next couple of days.

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hmm, yeah this would be possible…

theoretically its should be quite straightforward… and you can even do this with the built-in scaling.
basically you would need to multiply (aka scale) any pitch inputs from INP with 0.83333333 (1/1.2) and for any pitch going to the OUT, multiply (aka scale) by 1.2.

thats said…
you cannot ‘enter’ 0.8333333333 on the scaling (I think 0.833) is closest, but this should be close enough for the SHQ to latch on to the correct notes.

(*) as I mention in the notes… be aware that 0v = A4 (440hz) on the SSP, not C4 as is common. (not sure what the Buchla norm is) - but this is not really an issue, you can simply add an offset from the INP pitch output.

if you try this, and let me know… as basically this is all a SWAT algo would do, so it would be useful to know if this process ‘works’

logic functions, yeah these are fun… SWATs 2 op is a bit limited, but useful.
so, I’m probably going to do a logic vst some time, that has up to 8 inputs, which is useful for more generative purposes. though, also for that Id want some more gate ‘generators’.
in particular, things like : euclid, mi grids, clock dividers/multipliers (and another ‘secret’ I have in mind :wink: ), these combined with logic can be a lot of fun.

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great work as always @thetechnobear, congrats on the new release!

Dr. Bear,

What do we do with the .md files in “docs”?

And in the “other” folder: tb_scales.zip.

Do we do anything with these?

as stated in readme.txt :wink:
the MD files are markdown text files - you can read them with any text editor.
( i guess i could rename to .txt, but really markdown files should have .md suffixes)

tb_scales.zip these are scala files for MTQ that I posted a while back.

Thanks! I was reading the online notes and didn’t see it. I R Th3 Dumb.

holy bananas! you’re killing it with these! Well done!


ha ha @Kent , no worries, happens to us all :slight_smile:
I guess I probably should just rename to .txt to avoid confusion

thanks @NeilParfitt , look forward to seeing what you can do with these modules