Supported video formats?

Hello World! What video formats are supported here?
I believe that I tried posting a video here on day #1 with my iPhone and it said that it was in an unsupported format…

The forum doesn’t let you upload video for some reason so i would just upload to youtube and post the link here - it should auto embed.

That’s unfortunate, I guess I’ll have to make a YouTube account then :thinking::neutral_face:

any other video platform is fine too, like vimeo or instagram or whatever. It’s just that we don’t have a way to upload video directly into discourse at the moment. It also makes sense to upload the video somewhere on social media to make it easier to share.

Discourse limits the size of uploads for various difficult to address security reasons. Video files are almost always much larger than the 3MB limit.

It’s easier for a video focused site to deal with this because they aren’t immediately turning your upload into a download link. (they also tend to be fairly large companies with security staff)