Superbooth layered patch (Sooper) (17.1 KB)

Here is the general patch used at Superbooth 18 this year. It is saved on my SSP as preset 03. If you rename it before moving it to your SD card you can make it which ever preset you want. It was a while ago, and because I’ve already moved on to a much more complex patch I’ve forgotten some of the details. So if you were there and notice something missing let me know.

I can tell you off the bat, that there was a portion of the patch controlled by a planar, but because I want you all to be able to use this i didn’t build it in.

Basics of the patch are:
-There are 4 midi modules, each using a different voice
*The midi module is sending pitch data to the WTO, Granular, and LFO (acting as a audio rate oscillator in this patch)
*The midi module is sending gate to the envelope, which is in turn gating the WTO, Granular, and LFO.
*This velocity down on a key also controls the start and length of the Granular. This is sort of vague, and I hope it inspires you to experient with routing all of the midi modules paramters to other paramaters of the 3 layers.
-All 4 voices, independent 3 layers (WTO, Gran, and LFO) are connected to their own SVF, which is in turn connected to the out, going out of outputs 1 and 2.
-Reverb and delay are enabled globally.

Let me know if you have any questions. You could add a TON of modulation still, and if you are using an MPE midi controller, remember to turn on MPE, and you could then get rid of the envelopes and control the amplitude with your controller directly.



awesome! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Amazing very complex setup. Good work!:+1: