Step sequencer preset

This preset consists of

  1. step sequencer
  2. LFO
  3. envelope
  4. output module

The step sequencer outputs the step values via its L1/L2 outputs. These outputs always output the latest pitch value from when G1/G2 was high. So they allow you to only program a few of the steps in the sequence, and skip the other steps. This is convenient for programming melodic lines.

If you want continous output of all step values then you can use the S output. The G1/G2 outputs will be high or low depending on the G1/G2 settings in the P-page of the step sequencer. You can set any of these gates per-step of course.

The step sequencer triggers the envelope and controls the pitch of the LFO. The amplitude of the LFO is modulated using the envelope output. Output of the LFO goes to the output module after which the sound goes through global delay/reverb.