STE Module, new inserts, not running with internal clock

Bug description (state clearly and simply):
When inserting new STE module, the STE does not run with the internal clock. Existing STE modules (in Patches built with previous OS versions) run fine. The only way to get the new STE’s to run is to hook up an external clock (such as an LFO) to the clock input.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. Open Network view of any Patch
  2. Locate an empty slot
  3. With the module selector, insert an STE module
  4. Select the P-page and observe that the STE is not running
  5. Test the not-running state by toggling the IntClk switch

Software version (blank if unknown):
04092020 and 18102020

Type (major or minor):
Major. This used to work fine, but now prevents the building of new patches with the STE module


can anyone else confirm this, and did you check the notes in the update I made a while ago for the STE? several features were requested and the behaviour was changed as a result of that.

it seems to work fine for me. (v18102020)

perhaps the confusion is:
the STE will not start the internal clock until it is connected to another module.
(e.g. connect output to rngs and the internal clock immediately starts)

i guess… if you dont know this then it might look like its not working.
but I don’t see this as an issue, as soon as you connect it to something it starts. (*)

(*) my vsts similarly optimise cpu use by not consuming cpu until that function is required.

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yeah, this is actually not a bug.

Thanks for clarifying @bert and @thetechnobear!
My bad indeed - it works as soon as you connect the sequencer.
I seem to remember that it worked differently in the past and couldn’t find anything relating to this behaviour on the forum, but it makes sense.
Apologies for the bum steer!
Topic can be closed.