STE confusion

Hello good peeps!

I have been trying to wrap my head around the STE, but am failing miserably:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m tying to run it into the PPM and it works, but I can’t make any sense out of it nd I can’t find any source that explains the different outputs of the STE properly. And what I am getting is a bit random.

I am assuming:
S: PPM - send the sequencer levels to PPM
G1/2: PPM - send Gate 1/2 to PPM

But what are L1 and L2?

And when I activate the G1 or G2 they don’t really seem to do much of anything to the PPM.
What am I missing here?


you have levels and sustaining levels (until the next step) there

thank, tiger001!

Sorry to be.a bit thick, but where do I set L1 and L2? I assume they are set per step?

by turning each encoder when you go into step mode
go to next page(s) which enable you to put in gates in change the levels for each step per 4 steps

After some experimenting, it seems activating a gate at a certain step sends that’s steps value out through to wherever that gate is addressed as L1 or L2 respectively? Or am I still misunderstanding? But sending G1 will just output a 1.0?

Sorry about this… I come from MaxMsp - you tell everything when and where to go : -) And this is far from straightforward… I’m having trouble getting reproduceble results…

yes correct
L1 & L2 should output respective levels when the respective gate is ON
S just outputs current step level, until the next step, indepently if gate is ON or not

Thanks, tiger1
Your help is much appreciated!

what is PPM?

the same as the step level output (S), but the last time G1 and G2 were high, respectively. The S output gives you the step output continuously. G1 and G2 are gate outputs.

you don’t set L1 and L2, you can only set S, G1 and G2.

please read the software update documentation / notes covering the step sequencer, starting with the most recent one -