SSP Tips : Managing presets

This is a small tip from the trenches :slight_smile:

one thing I find a bit difficult is that preset names on the SSP , are not the filename…
this means when I come to organise them , and clean out ones Im not using it can be pretty tricky
(esp. if you have moved the sdcard to a computer)

so… I had a quick look at the preset file to see how it encodes the preset name into it :wink:

it turns out the preset name is always 16 characters start at byte 16.
so very simple, and possible to edit!

it would be fairly straightforward to create a tool, that would allow easy reorganising of preset files in a users friendly way.

for now though, Im busy with other things, so Im this post is going to have a few fairly low-level tips that some may find useful.

CAUTION : backup your presets before you edit, you should be doing this anyway, but doing something wrong here may well corrupt the preset so you cannot load it again!
!!! you have been warned!!!

Tip 1 : listing preset names on mac/linux

we can easily print out the names with a script (mac/linux)

for i in *.pbp; do x=`dd bs=1 skip=16 count=16 if=$i 2>/dev/null`; echo $i : $x; done

run in the factory preset directory and we get

000.pbp : 8vwto
001.pbp : granular
002.pbp : env follower
003.pbp : Harmonic add syn
004.pbp : grrr
005.pbp : Bus LFO
006.pbp : qvca____
007.pbp : celine switch
008.pbp : new8
009.pbp : new9
010.pbp : new10
011.pbp : new11
012.pbp : new12
013.pbp : com13
014.pbp : arpeggiator
015.pbp : new15


Tip 2: Renaming presets

whats also cool about it being fixed length is we can also edit it with an editor

NOW, its important you use an editor that can cope with binary files and will not start corrupting them… so your average text editor is NOT going to work

I personally use vi (well vim) , so

vi -b 001.pbp

this opens file in binary mode
now its obvious where the file name starts. (16 chars in)

then enter REPLACE mode (shift R) , then overtype new name
make sure you dont go past the 16th character (!) , and you can overwrite with spaces if needed.

anyway using the above, I now find it pretty easy to re-organise my presets.

Bonus Tip - keeping your presets clean and organised

ok, so Ive mentioned in the past, I tend to write preset ‘on the fly’,
I only really have a few ‘template’ presets that I actually keep.

however, I do save presets if temporarily e.g. to use between sessions, and also I save regularly just in case I have a crash or something.

this means I end up with quite alof of these temporary presets that can be thrown away.

given I dont use the SSP factory presets (I used them for education, but now I dont need them)

what I have done is.
a) rename the factory presets (factory) folder to a new folder -> presets.factory
b) created new empty folder called factory
c) copy my ‘template’ presets into this folder factory.

now I have two useful things
i) I have a backup of my template presets (in factory)
ii) I can ‘reset’ my SSP to just my factory presets (i.e templates) at any time, by simple going to G screen and double clock ‘Fac Rs’

so basically, Im using ‘factory reset’ to really mean reset to my clean state.

of course what you consider ‘clean state’ may vary, you could just copy all of your presets to factory regularly, as a kind of ‘backup state’

but my OCD loves having this a few nice clean presets :slight_smile:
(which with the above tips, I can have nicely named and organised)

Bonus Tips for beginners

these probably everyone knows, but…

000 preset - is always loaded at startup, so make it count - make it the state you want the SSP to start up in. I like to keep this really simple - e.g. INP->OUT , perhaps with PMIX

rename presets - it really is worth the effort

save regularly, and use Wri N to create variations.

WriN always writes to the lowest number preset slot available.
so, if you have
then wriN will create presets 002… 099, before 101
this can be pretty handy if you want to have some kind of numbering scheme, and you dont want new presets to ‘get in the way’


This is great info. Thanks for including the scripts and vi tip.

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for those on windows, notepad ++ can edit binary files


cool, do you have to put it a particular ‘mode’ ?
the vital thing is, you can only change those 16 characters, dont let it create line endings or change its length etc - if you do its highly likely the preset will become unreadable to the SSP.

of course, back it up first, and then there is no worries if you mess it up :wink:

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native supported
are you sure about character 16?
on all the presets i open, i read an € sign (as the 16th character) and then the name starts (really)


I count first byte, as byte zero … (sorry, devs do this most of the time)
but, yeah 17, if you count first byte as 1 :wink:

anyway, pretty obvious when you open up a file…

note: there is not real point in using all 16 characters, the SSP global screen only display something like 14 chars (?) , then elipses.