SSP Menu System

There are four menus on the SSP:

Global menu (G): the menu where presets or patches can be loaded, saved, and renamed. The second page contains a global effects section, and the third page is used to switch sample rate and hide/show sample rate and cpu load status near the top of the display.

Network menu (N): this menu displays a patching grid of 16 pages, each with 8 module slots. This grid allows you to build patches by adding modules and patching them together. You can navigate in the grid using the cursor keys or first two encoders, which changes the currently selected module.

Processor menu (P ): this menu shows you a close-up of the module currently selected in the network menu, such you can change its parameters, just like you would with any other module in your eurorack case.

Recorder menu (R ): from this menu you can record the input or output signals of the SSP. You can switch between the two recorders at all times and arm the channels you want to record. The SSP can record any type of signal both internally or externally; it doesn’t care whether it’s an audio, cv or gate signal. The recorded files are stored as multichannel WAV files on the SD Card.

The network menu is the default menu when powering on the SSP.

How can I navigate the different pages of a menu?

Every menu has one or more pages. Depending on the menu you are in, the pages have different roles.

For example, in the network editor you use the left/right cursor buttons to navigate in the 16 page patching grid. However, in the processor menu, the pages might contain additional parameters and settings for a module.

To switch to a different page use the “left” or “right” button of the keypad. In the network editor you can use the first two encoders as well.

How can I switch encoder page?

In some menus, such as the global and processor menu, you will notice 2 parameters per encoder. The parameters you are currently editing with the encoders are shown in red. To access the other parameters use the up/down (+enc/-enc) buttons of the keypad.

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