Some VOST feedback

The VOST is a great module with an abundance of voltages to play with. In creating the sample patch Haunted Choir I sprung up an idea to enhance its applicability: add a switch that switches the stored values from abstract voltages (in 0.01 steps) to note values. This would allow for easy note programming. Current workaround is to have each voltage output patched into a quantiser, but since the note-value code is already present in other modules I thought it could be an elegant extension.

Minor minor minor bug: The Select parameter runs from 0…10, which gives 11 voltage sets. I believe it should go not further than 9. BTW Select=10 does not do anything, the selected values correspond with Select=9, so this would only be a tidy-up thing. Thanks @thetechnobear for creating VOST!

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layer - 1 … oops, indeed… its kind of UI think, which is why I didn’t notice.

fixed in code now, will need to test, and then release as next EAP.

Im also considering it to move to 16 layers…dunno, something appealing about the 16x16.
the reason though I chose 10, was 1 layer - 0.1, rather than 1 / 16 (!)

note view… possibly, but honestly, Im not sure…

t’s not just about displaying note, really to be ‘useful’ it would really want to have quantising, and that kind of thing, and stepping by default at note level.
and Im not sure I like the idea of elevating modules to all know about notes, and some how not just treat them as voltages…

obviously with something like CART , it makes sense… but for more generic modules not so sure.

also bare in mind, you could do these things very differently… e.g. you could feed a sequencer into VOST, and use VOST to hold offset voltages, in that situation using SHQ is a much better/more flexible approach.

so not sure, its again, this trade off modularity, where each module is ‘simple’ vs more complexity in individual modules at the expense of modularity.

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this should be fixed in the EAP release, that Ive put out today.

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