Some ID's

when renaming a preset, you have to first write a new preset and then rename
why not (also) the other way around ? (first rename & then write/-new)

display only the connections to the sampler that have effectively a sample assigned

the renaming scheme in the recorder is totally different than that of the renaming preset scheme
why not use the same on both modules?
in the recorder, when renaming a recording, a good example of how impossible the encoders work ; dialing in precise fine numbers (letters in this case) is quite impossible, try to rename a sample to abcd.wav !

the zoom and length dials in the recorder are way too precise ; you have to turn the heck out of the SSP before reaching 0 - halfway (500)
also, a zoom of 1 or 999 should zoom the whole recording, now you cannot crop more then a handful of seconds of your recording
the same for length dial, a length of 1 or 999 should encompass the whole recording, not just a few seconds

why not have an I and O attached to a respective input and output recording name? (and a naming scheme, like rec_I_1, rec_I_2 etc etc, or sam1, sam2 etc etc)

there are 2 more empty squares in the SAM module, next to play - why not make that reverse and playback position ? (and make these CV addressable please)


yeah surprised me, I had to do ‘wri’ after rename - but not much of an issue after I realized :slight_smile:

you post does remind me however…
the renaming on the recorder is a quite broken, at the moment, you can only go ‘up’ in the alphabet … which is a real pain, means in practice i have to rename everything on the computer :frowning:
Can’t remember if I raised this with @bert or not

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